World Boss Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is the world boss guide Blade and Soul Revolution. The World Boss requires cooperation and strategic minds. Check it out.

What is the World Boss?  

1) What is the World Boss?

 ① World Bosses are powerful monsters that represent each continent.

 ② World Bosses appear at set times and can be encountered through special means.

2) World Boss Entry Conditions

 ① As soon as you move to a different location from Heaven’s Reach where you first created your character, you will be able to participate in a World Boss conquest.

 ② A World Boss Entry icon appears on the main screen 3 minutes before the World Boss appears.

    Tap the icon to enter or make an entrance reservation.

How to Enter World Boss

1) World Bosses appear twice a day at set times.

 ① World Bosses appear at 12:30(UTC +8) and 22:30(UTC +8) daily.

 ② The World Boss icon will appear on the main screen along with a message 3 minutes before it appears. 

World Boss Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 1

 ③ Tap the World Boss icon to view the Boss and Reward info.

 ④ Tap the Move button at the bottom of the info screen to participate in the World Boss.    

    – A channel that is full or has concluded the attack may not be joined.

World Boss Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 2

2) World Boss Channel

 ① There are 10 joinable channels in total, and each channel can accommodate up to 50 players.

 ② Tap the Channel button to change the World Boss channel.

  – The first time you change channels will be instant, but a delay will occur after the second time.

World Boss Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 3

World Boss Reward

1) World Boss Elimination Criteria

 ① World Boss Play Time

  – The World Boss is only summoned for 8 minutes. It will disappear once 8 minutes have passed.

  – The results screen will be shown along with the rewards when the World Boss is defeated or when the attack duration ends.

 ② World Boss Reward Criteria

  – A reward will be sent based on Contribution.

  – A reward will be sent based on Contribution even if the World Boss is not defeated.

♠ Low-level players can use the Bomb item on the field to deal great damage against the World Boss.

World Boss Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 4

2) World Boss Elimination Contribution Acquisition Criteria

 ① Get Contribution based on damage dealt against the World Boss. The amount of Contribution that can be obtained differs for each Act.

Damage per 1 Contribution Point
Act 1558
Act 21,009
Act 31,743
Act 42,430

 ② Successfully defeating the World Boss and defeating the World Boss before the time runs out grants much more Contribution.

  – All players in the channel receive an additional 1,500 points upon defeating the World Boss.

  – All players in the channel receive an additional 3,000 points upon defeating the World Boss within 7 minutes of it appearing.

 ③ Tap the stats on the right side of the screen to view scores by Damage Dealt / Damage Received / Boss Kill / Fast Kill Score.

World Boss Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 5

3) World Boss Reward

 – The World Boss rewards will be sent to your Inventory depending on Contribution acquired when the Battle End screen is displayed.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

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