World Boss Blade and Soul Revolution Intro

Hello friends, this is World Boss Blade & Soul Revolution update intro.

On 28th May 2020 Blade and Soul Revolution got updated, you all now can do world boss battle, below its the explanation from official website.

We are pleased to announce the details of the eagerly awaited 5/28 update which will bring more exciting 

and dynamic content for our users to enjoy. 

Please check the details below for more information. 

World Boss will be introduced.

   – A powerful Boss monster known as a “World Boss” will appear guarding each continent. 

    1) Two daily start times: 12:30 & 22:30 (UTC+8)

    2) Entry time: The World Boss icon will appear in the top left corner 3 minutes before the World Boss shows up on each continent and simply tap it to move to the territory.   

    3) How to enter: You can participate in defeating the World Boss by tapping the Move button that pops up when you tap the World Boss icon. 

World Boss Blade and Soul Revolution

 4) Rewards: Rewards are based on total Contribution and will be sent directly to the character inventory once the battle end screen is displayed.

Act 1 World BossWu Fo
Act 2 World BossSlayer Salgol
Act 3 World BossDark Lycan
Act 4 World BossGabuja

[Go to the World Boss Guide]

▶ Events

 1) Battlefield Conquerors Event

 – Rewards

Enter Faction War 0/33 Small Soulstone Chests
Defeat Faction Monsters 0/303 Small Premium Soulstone Chests
Win Faction War 0/1    3 Small Premium Soulstone Chests
Earn 3,000
Player Kill Faction Points
3 Small Super Soulstone Chests

 2) World Boss Event

 – Rewards

Defeat Act 1 Wu Fo
 10 Pet Pods
Defeat Act 2 Slayer Salgo
1 Stamina Booster
Defeat Act 3 Dark Lycan
 20 Pet Pods
Defeat Act 4 Gabuja
1 Stamina Booster

 3) Hajoon’s 2nd Enhancement Lesson

 – Rewards

Reach A or above Accessory Reforge 0/130 Forgestones
Reach S or above Equipment Reforge 0/350,000 Silver
Reach SS or above Weapon Reforge  0/150 Forgestones
Reach SSS or above Equipment Reforge 0/220 Fixed Forgestones
All missions complete100 Radiant Enhancement
Stone Fragments

 4) Faction Rank Up for 1 million Silver Event

 – Rewards

Achieve Novice Rank100,000 Silver
Achieve Disciple Rank100,000 Silver
Achieve Devotee Rank100,000 Silver
Achieve Warrior Rank100,000 Silver
Achieve Savant Rank100,000 Silver
Achieve Ascetic Rank500,000 Silver

▶ Changes

 1) The waiting time for changing your channel will be shortened from 3min to 1 min. 

▶ Fixes 

  1) An issue where there was a lower XP increase compared to other Material Soul Shields 

      when reinforcing a Soul Shield with Hajoon’s Material Soul Shield Lv 1 will be fixed.     

  2) An issue is occurring where players unintentionally obtain Fragments when salvaging Jinyung Equipment          12+ or above. The Fragments acquired unintentionally will be completely removed after the 6/11                            server maintenance.

▶ In-app Purchases

NameContentPurchase Limit
Monthly Prize Board
Coin Bundle 

 You can purchase it by going to [Shop] – [Bundle] – [Speical].
1,000 Blue Crystals
 1,000 Black Crystals
 10 Prize Board Coins

5 times
per month per account
Faction Initiate’s Bundle
You can purchase it by going to [Shop] – [Bundle] – [Speical].

 100 Blue Crystals
 5 Faction Orbs
Special Superior Equipment Chest
Talisman of Faction (7-day)

5 times 
per week per character
Faction Conquerors Bundle
You can purchase it by going to [Shop] – [Premium].

500 Blue Crystals
 4 Premium Faction Orbs
Awakened Yamato Chest
10 Faction Megaphones

(Only the Grand Master and Master can use this Megaphone)
10 Radiant Windstride Scrolls

per week per account
Lucky Silver Chest
You can purchase it by going to [Shop] – [Bundle] – [Speical].

Use for a chance to obtain
between 250,000 Silver and 2,500,000 Silver 


10 times
per week per character 
Share Bundle
You can purchase it by going to [Shop] – [Utility] – [Potions].

 1 Aura of Dragon Share Chest
1 Aura of Protection Share Chest
 1 Elixir Share Chest
 1 Luxurious Feast for Four
 1 Fire Pit
 1 Greater Healing Tonic Share Chest
 1 Dumpling Share Chest

per week per account
Premium Faction Orb
You can purchase it by going to  
[Shop] – [Bundle] – [Bargain Shop].

1 Premium Faction Orb
(Use to obtain 2,500 Faction Points)
per week per account
100 Plain Fabrics
You can purchase it by going to  
[Shop] – [Bundle] – [Bargain Shop].

 100 Plain Fabrics
per week per account

※ You can check the contents of each bundle by tapping the image in the Shop.
※ The sale end date will be posted in an additional notice.

As always, we will strive to provide you with the best gaming experience.

Thank you.

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