Wizard Skill Ragnarok Origin ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, We want to share about Wizard Skill Ragnarok Origin. Soon we will share how to build Wizard DPS, lets get started.

Quagmire Lv.1
Creates a mud floor in the targeted area and causes AGl-5, DEX-5 and reduces the movement speed of up to 10 targets by 25% lasting for 5 seconds.
You cannot cast more than 3 instances of this skill. Status effect will be maximum of 50% for monsters and 25% for Players.
Cast Time:0.57s (0.20s+0.37s)
Cooldown: None
SP Consumption: 13
Cast Delay : 0.5s

Water Ball Lv.1
Hits the target up to 3 times with a Water elemental attack of MATK 100%+5.
You must stand on water to successfully use this spell. During rainy weather, Water Ball can be used but with increased cast time
Cast Time : 0.46s (0.16s+0.30s)
Cooldown: None
SP Consumption: 32
Cast Delay: None

Fire Pillar Lv.1
Creates a Fire Pillar trap effect on the targeted cell. When tripped, the trap delivers a Fire property damage equal to
MATK (200+MATK)*50% and hit the monster 3 times.
Fire Pillar ignores MDEF. You can not have more than 5 Pillars active at any time.
Cast Time : 1.37s (0.48s+0.89s)
Cooldown : None
SP Consumption: 50
Cast Delay : 0.8s

Sight Lv.1
Nullifies the Hide and Cloaking effects within range.
Cast Time: None
Cooldown : None
SP Consumption: 20
Cast Delay: 1.0s

Safety Wall Lv.1
Creates a safety wall. The effect will protect anyone standing on the cell from
Physical attacks for 5 times. Safety Wall will last for 1 seconds.
Cast Time : 2.28s (0.80s+1.48s)
Cooldown: None
SP Consumption: 50
Cast Delay: 1.0s
Special Consumption:Blue Gemstone1

Sightrasher Lv.1
Shoots fire in all 8 directions away from the caster, each Fireball does MATK 150%+10 Fire elemental damage and causes a knockback.
Can only be cast when Sight is active.
Cast Time :0.23s (0.08s+0.15s)
Cooldown : None
SP Consumption: 63
Cast Delay :1.5s
Requirements: Wizard Sight Lv.1

Meteor Storm Lv.1
Summons4 Meteors that randomly strike cells in the target area and do Fire elemental damage. Each impact has
MATK 100%+5 damage, and has 3% chance to stun the enemy.
Cast Time:5.63s (1.20s+4.43s)
Cooldown: None
SP Consumption: 55
Cast Delay: 1.0s
Requirements: Wizard Fire Pillar Lv.5
Requirements: Wizard Sightrasher Lv.3

Storm Gust Lv.1
Magic Water
Summons an icy Water Element storm that hits the target in the area of effect that does MATK 1000%+50 damage.
Has 54% chance to freeze the target
The freezing probability and duration depends on the property of the target. When in frozen state, target’s property is changed to Water
Cast Time:2.73s (0.96s+1.77s)
Cooldown: None
SP Consumption: 172
Cast Delay: 5.0s
Requirements: Mage Frost Diver Lv.3
Requirements: Wizard Water Ball Lv.5

Lord of Vermillion Lv.1
Magic Wind
Hits the target area with a strong lightning attack that does MATK 1300%+20 Wind elemental damage. Has 60% to blind the target.
Cast Time :6.83s (2.40s+4.435)
Cooldown: None
SP Consumption 120
Cast Delay: 5.0s
Requirements: Mage Thunder Storm Lv.5
Requirements: Wizard Jupitel Thunder Lv.3

Heaven’s Drive Lv.1
Magic Earth
Hits every enemy in the target cel for 1 times that does MATK 200%+10 Earth elemental damage
Cast Time: 0.91s (0.32s+0.595)
Cooldown : None
SP Consumption: 52
Cast Delay: 0.5s
Requirements: Wizard Earth Spike Lv.3

Earth Spike Lv.1
Hits the target for 1 times that does
MATK 200%+32 Earth elemental damage.
Cast Time : 0.63s (0.13s+0.50s)
Cooldown : None
SP Consumption: 21
Cast Delay : 0.8s

Jupitel Thunder Lv.1
Hits the target for 3 times that does
MATK 120%+8 Wind elemental damage.
When Lv.6 is achieved, knockback effect is added.
Cast Time : 1.14s (0.40s+0.74s)
Cooldown : None
SP Consumption: 35
Cast Delay: None

That’s all, we will update about Wizard build soon. Thank you.

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