Update Notice 4/26 Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Update Notice 4/26 Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross 1


Here are the details for the 4/26 Update.

■ Chapter 8 unlocked.

■ Final Boss (Season 1) added.

– Period: After the 4/26 maintenance – 5/11 11:59 PM PDT

*Event ending period may change to match the maintenance schedule. 

■ Final Boss Season Shop

– Period: After the 4/26 maintenance – 5/14 11:59 PM PDT

– Defeat Final Boss King to obtain points that can be exchanged for rewards!

■ New Events

– Growth Event: Why the Sun Rises

– Sun Fragments! Event

– Rhitta Release Event

– Sun Power Check-In Event

– Diamond Perks Event

■ New Pick Up Event

– Solar Orbit Pick Up Draw Event

[Go to see more details]

■ New Bundles

– One and Only Sun Costume Set

– Black Flame Battle Uniform Set II

– Unbreakable Will Costume Set

– Escanor Stamp Bundle

– Fairy Bundle I

– Escanor Full Upgrade Bundle

– SSR Onslaught & Iron Wall Bundle

– SSR Life & Iron Wall Bundle

– Diamond BOGO Event (Purchase Limit Reset)

■ Ending Events and Bundles

– All 7 Festival Pick Up Draw Event

– Hero Enhancement Up Event

– Equipment Salvage Up Event

– Equipment Step Up Bundle

– Diamond BOGO Event

– Growth Event (Their Dissatisfaction)

■ Title System

– Obtain titles after meeting certain conditions.

■ Returning Mission Improvements

– Changed mission details and improved the rewards.

*Missions will be changed after the maintenance. Users who have missions in progress before the change will have their duration extended by 2 weeks.

■ Draw Pool Additions

– R [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Simon: R-SSR Human Hero Draw

■ Misc.

– Chance for Escanor to appear in the Draw animation scene when acquiring 2 or more SSR heroes.

Credit: Forum netmarble

Update Notice 4/26 Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross 2