Training Ground Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution guide about training ground, how to enter training ground and training ground buff chests.
You can try out the Training Ground to get Energy for Hongmoon Arts!
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Training Ground

1) What is the Training Ground?

 ① It’s a special area you can enter for 60 min at any time.

 ② After the 60 min mark, you must wait until the next day for the reset to enter again.

 ③ You have a chance to obtain Hongmoon Energy, Blue Energy, and Red Energy from the monsters here.

♠ You can use the Energy obtained in Training Ground to learn Hongmoon Arts.

2) Types of Training Grounds

 ① There are 3 types of Training Grounds you can enter with different level requirements.

 ② Lv. 100 – Shadowy Forest/ Lv. 150 – Fullmoon Lake/ Hongmoon Lv. 1- Sunset Ravine.

 ③ Lower tier areas are available even when higher tier areas are unlocked.

 ④ The same 60 min daily time limit is used for all areas.

  ex) Spending 20 min in Sunset Ravine will give you only 10 min to spend in Shadowy Forest.

How to Enter Training Ground

1) Access from the main screen by tapping [Menu] → [Adventure] → [Training Ground]

2) Access from the main screen by tapping [Menu] → [Quick Menu] → [Training Ground]

3) Select one of the three areas and tap [Enter the Area] to enter

Inside the Training Ground

1) The Training Ground is a special area where you can hunt monsters.

 – Additional channels will be created in the area if the existing channels become full.

2) Here you can gain similar amounts of XP you’d gain in War Zones.

 – If you have the XP gain for your Training Ground buff, you can gain more XP in Training Ground than in War Zones.

3) You can check the Training Ground exclusive buff chest and the Chest Manager once you enter. The remaining time can be checked inside as well.

 ① Chest Manager in Training Ground base

     The Training Ground Buff Chest can be reset from the manager.

 ② Training Ground Buff Chest

     Gain a Training Ground exclusive buff when you open the chest with a key.

 ③ The time remaining in the Training Ground and the number of keys that can unlock the Buff Chest.

     You’ll return to your previous location when the remaining time reaches 0.

 ④ Button to exit the Training Ground

     Select the Exit button to leave the Training Ground. You can always enter again if you have any time left on the timer.

♠ You will automatically return to the location you were in before entering the Training Ground if you don’t make any movements for 180 seconds inside the Training Ground.

4) The monsters in the Training Ground have different levels based on their area.

 ① They can have different levels even within the same area of the Training Ground

     based on their location, allowing you to find monsters of your level.

 ② Shadowy Forest – [Lv. 100-130] Monsters

 ③ Fullmoon Lake – [Lv. 150-170] Monsters

 ④ Sunset Ravine – [Lv. 200-220] Monsters

5) You can obtain Energy items by hunting monsters in the Training Ground.

Training Ground Buff Chest

1) Open the buff chest in base to gain a Training Ground exclusive buff.

  – Use a key to open the chest.

    2 keys are provided daily at 04:00(UTC +8) as the Training Ground timer also resets.

  – Open the chest to gain a random buff. Once the box is opened, it can’t be opened again for another buff.

  – The chest is visible to all players who entered the area.

    New chests will appear when the 6 chests are opened.

2) There are 3 normal buffs and a hidden one that applies all three.

 ① XP Gain +40%/ Silver Gain +20%/ Item Drop Rate +10%.

 ② There’s a chance to obtain a hidden buff that will apply all three.

 ③ You can have up to two buffs, and each buff stacks.

  ex) 2 Silver Gain Buff means your Silver Gain will be 40%

3) You can reset the buff or replace the chest through the Chest Manager.

 ① If you want to receive a different buff, you can pay the Chest Manager some silver

     to reset the chest and keys and remove your current buff.

 ② You can replace the chest even when you don’t have any buffs. In this case, you’ll keep your 2 keys.

 ③ You’ll keep your current buff even when you move to a different grade of Training Ground.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

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