Tier List Goddess of Genesis

Hello friends, this is Goddess of Genesis Tier List. If you’re new or don’t know which SSR heroes to reroll for or invest to, then keep reading this tier list.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis

This tier list will use the following tiers to evaluate heroes: C, A, B, S, and SS tier.

SS Tier

These heroes are extremely important if you’re going to focus on PvP. Heroes in this tier usually possess something other heroes just can’t outperform and it almost feels like you’re cheating when using them. So if you want to growth hack your progress in Goddess of Genesis, go for these heroes.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 1


Merlin best mages in Goddess of Genesis. What makes her so good is her innate ability to trigger an AoE attack each time an ally uses an AoE attack. Think about, as long as she is alive, you get to deal AoE attacks twice. Oh, and let’s not forget her insanely powerful ultimate ability. She is great and has been used extensively in the Chinese version of Goddess of Genesis for months since the game came out.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 2


Lilith is the only real assassin in Goddess of Genesis. Her innate ability to hide in stealth makes her extremely viable against anyone who can’t deal with strong AoE damage. Any single target attacks or debuffs cannot target her while she’s in stealth. Not only that but she also deals some of the highest single target damage in the whole game. And she’s a sexy devil succubus – what more do you need from a waifu?

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 3


Lucifer is only in the SS tier just for the fact that she is a FREE Goddess of Genesis hero. She’s also a very good damage dealer and will prove to be essential in the first month or so during the game’s launch. Why? Because she can act again after killing a target with her ultimate and because of her very high damage, she will melt enemies. Because new players will be inexperienced and under-geared, she will make quick work of competition in PvP, especially during the first week. She is an excellent investment and an important opportunity for those who want to climb the PvP ladder quickly.

S Tier

Heroes in this tier are almost SS tier but a minor thing or two is holding them back. However, some of these heroes combined are meta defining when combined for PvP. A tank or healer on its own is never going to be SS tier but they surely become god-like tier when combined together.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 4


It would be unfair to call Isabella just a healer – she is THE HEALER. Seriously, no other SSR healer outperforms her, and she makes a lot of story content into a complete joke. She is also an important pillar for building double tank and healer meta teams for PvP. Valkyrie and Lucifer work very well with her.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 5


Although Hades lacks survivability he makes up for it with high damage. He is your typical glass cannon hero but its weird to see a warrior lacking survivability – that’s usually reserved for archers and mages.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 6


Your favorite Dracula is back and this time he can turn invulnerable at 0 HP, suck the life from his enemies, and put on a party-wide shield that channels a percentage of damage to him. He is an excellent tank that keeps the whole team alive.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 7


Goddess of Genesis mascot herself – the legendary Valkyrie. Her taunt is an excellent ability that allows her to keep important party allies alive and she truly shines as a powerful hero during early and mid-game progression.

A Tier

There’s nothing wrong with these heroes but they aren’t the best choice for PvP. However, they are still good to have but if you’re aiming to reroll – aim for S tier at least.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 8

Cha Ng’E

She is a sleeper hero. What this means is that right now, investing all resources into SSR healer is not a great idea, especially if you’re a F2P player. However, after you get 2-3 SSR heroes maxed, she needs to become your priority and after a couple of months she will end up in either S or SS Tier. She is powerful because of the ability to taunt enemies and lower their AoE damage. This will be essential once the game matures after a couple of months.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 9


Aside from looking super cool, he also deals heavy damage and has a self-revive ability. The problem is, when he dies and revives, he loses all of the buffs he had on himself. And in Goddess of Genesis – buffs matter.  At best, he prolongs his life with a sliver of health remaining.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 10

Abe No Seimei

Abe No Seimei is similar to Gabriel because he can also freeze his enemies. So he outperforms her with damage and freezing. But his damage is still not that great and he gets placed into a support role where it would be better to have a healer as support.

B Tier

Heroes in this tier aren’t really great at anything and more or less should be just used with small resources invested in if you’re trying to clear story mode.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 11


A healer that can heal. That’s pretty much it. She doesn’t bring anything else to the table and everything else screams average about her. Still, if you didn’t pull Isabella, she remains a very important part of your team, so don’t lose hope if she is your only healer!

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 12


An assassin that can deal a moderate amount of damage. If you really don’t have any other assassins, she can be a good choice.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 13


A frost mage that specializes in freezing her enemies. But because her freezing is pretty good, her damage output suffers and we suspect the developers didn’t want her to become too OP. There are far better mages than her and so we only suggest to invest in her if you like her as a waifu.

C Tier

We strongly advise not to invest in these heroes unless future events or new content in Goddess of Genesis makes them relevant. They just don’t bring anything into fights and they remain very weak choices for investing in SSR heroes. And if you had to pick between an SR hero or SSR, we would recommend going with SR instead.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 14


She’s an interesting archer that can apply poison on enemies which reduces their physical and magical armor. Sadly, that’s just not enough and her debuffing overshadows her damage and makes her a weak hero in any PvP battle you bring her to.

Tier List Goddess of Genesis 15


She specializes in applying debuffs but her damage is too low and debuffs are not that important if you can’t deal enough damage. Aside from that, she doesn’t bring anything else.

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