Team Build Guide Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

This guide is to help players get a base understanding of what to expect in different parts of the game.

Please note all experiences in team building are based upon different player’s experiences in the JP / KR version and may not hold true for global unit releases to 100% accuracy.

This guide is built for Global upon launch and may not hold true to players accessing this months down the line.

Best PVE Farming Team

These teams revolve around using units with multiple Area of Effect(AoE) attacks.

Best Choices are:

  • Launch: Red Howzer | Green Lizhawk | Blue Weindhart
  • Future Units Part 1: Red Gowther | Green Nunchuck Ban
  • Future Units Part 2: Blue Lilia | Green Diane (Gidian) | Blue Demon Meliodas

Best PVP Teams

Coming Soon…

Best Story Mode Boss Teams

Heavy Single target damage uses thrive heavily here.

Common Choices Include

  • Launch: Green Meliodas | Blue CS King | Blue Slader | Green Jericho
  • Future Units: Green Escanor | Red Escanor

Best Demon Teams

All Demon Fights will include CS Gowther up to Extreme Difficulty.

Typically your sub unit will always be SR Cain.

The other units vary slightly but typically Include 1 DPS 1 Support:

Red Demon

  • DPS: Red Lizhawk | Blue Slader | Blue Ban | Blue Sr Meliodas
  • Support: Green Gustav | CS King
  • Future DPS Units: Blue Meliodas| CS Escanor
  • Future Support Units: Red Merlin | Red Helbram

Grey Demon

  • DPS: Green Skinny King | CS Merlin (Ranged only)
  • Support: Green Helbram | Green SR Gilthunder | Green Elizabeth

Crimson Demon

  • DPS: CS Demon Meliodas | CS Escanor | Red Sr Lizhawk | Red Nunchuck Ban
  • Support: Green SR Gilthunder | Green Helbram | CS Merlin | Red Arthur | Red SR Elizabeth |

Final Boss

  • King Guide
  • Gowther Guide
  • Merlin Guide
  • Meliodas & Elizabeth Guide

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