Swordman, Knight, Lord Knight, Ragnarok Origin Skill ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, this is some guide about Swordman, Knight, Lord Knight Ragnarok Origin skill.

Knight main role is a Tanker, because only knight that can taunt the monster with the skill Provoke. But you can also build knight into DPS with Spear or Sword.

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Tank Knight

Tank knight is a must for clearing dungeon easily, you must add VIT status to 99. Also use equip and card that add VIT and defense.

DPS Knight

To build DPS Knight you have 2 choices, first is DPS Knight with main weapon a spear. To levelling as Knight spear use skill Pierce.

Second choice is a DPS Knight with main weapon a sword, this build use only auto attack to levelling and hunt. The status you must take are STR, AGI, Dex/Luk.

If you have enough equipment to boost critical and crit damage you DPS Knight will be easily got MVP if you hunt MVP.

This is video guide about the Swordman, Knight and Lord Knight Ragnarok Origin Skill, if the video didn’t show up ppease click HERE.

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