Summoner Class Blade and Soul Revolution Update

Hello friends, this is some good new for you. Summoner class Blade and Soul Revolution will be available soon.

The popular summoner class has finally arrived with this first major update!

Summoner class features

Summoners call up their familiars to inflict various types of attacks. They can escape danger using their Seed Shroud skill.

They team uo with their summoned familiars to dominate the enemy with the power of nature

They can heal their party members’ HP and call up their Familiars to revide deady party members

Summoners Skills

Summoners use their Rumble Wasp and Solar Beam skills to launch powerful combo attacks. Then, they summon their Familiars to take the enemy down.

Summoner Class Blade and Soul Revolution Update 1

We will update some skill build guide later.

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