Stamina Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hi friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution guide on how to use and charge stamina. Stamina shows how well rested your character is. All characters in one account share the same stamina.
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1) There are 4 different levels of Stamina:
 – High/ Medium/ Normal/ Low

2) XP, Silver, and Item Drop Rate change by the level of your current Stamina.
 ① Different effects are applied to the character based on the Stamina.

 ② If your Stamina is at 0 (Low), then you won’t be able to earn any XP, Silver, or Item from defeating enemies.
♠ You can still receive Dungeon or Quest completion reward and Treasure Chests found in field eve with 0 Stamina.

Stamina Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 1

3) Check the Stamina on the main screen with the status icon.
 ① Checking Stamina Status
  – The color of the heart icon can quickly tell you the level of your current Stamina.

Stamina Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 2

 ② View Stamina Status and Effects
  – Tap the Stamina icon to see details of the current status and effects applied.

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  – You can also see other effects such as Pet’s Stamina Decrease Rate,
    Conquest Mission Availability, and time until Stamina reset.

How to Use Stamina and Charge It

1) Using Stamina

 ① Stamina decrease rate differs based on the amount of XP you earn from defeating enemies. Pets can help to reduce it.

 ② The decrease rate can increase, depending on the difference between your level and the enemy’s level. 
     (Only applicable when the enemy level is lower than the character.)

 ③ You can check the amount of Stamina used in the detailed view.

 ④ Stamina is shared with every character in the account.

 ⑤ Use Stamina Booster from the shop to use twice the amount of Stamina to gain twice the amount of Silver and XP.

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2) Charging Stamina
 ① Every day at 04:00 (UTC +8), Stamina refreshes to High level (120). You can also charge 200 of Stamina.
  – You don’t need to re-login for the Stamina to refresh.

 ② If you still have remaining Stamina to charge, you can choose other methods to recover it.
  – 3 to 4 Stamina charges per min in a town or Clan Hall.
  – Stamina recovers while you’re logged out, but not as much as staying logged in recovers.
  – Incense Burner can be used to recover Stamina quickly.

 ③ Stamina Charge Requirements
  – Stamina has different charge requirements based on the level.
  ● Stamina can be charged up to Medium level.
  ● In the 200 Stamina you’ve recovered, Medium level can only be used up to 60.
  ● Remaining Stamina Charge can be used regardless of whether it is at Normal or Low level.

Stamina Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 5

♠ You can use 200 Stamina in Normal Stamina level, but
    it’s better to charge in a Medium level to use the Stamina more efficiently.

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  1. If my stamina is at 70 (medium), is there a way to increase it to 120 (High)?
    it stuck at 70 no matter how I rest, please advice.

    Thank you.

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