SSR / SR Pendants Guide 7DSGC

Character Evolution through Pendants

This is a rare in game resource that you receive slowly over time initially through story mode. There are many story mode missions that help you acquire this resource but eventually they run out because… you finished story.

“So what now?”

Well the only way to farm them goin forward is slowly or with $$$$$$.

“Well that’s dumb… I wanna max evolve my units.”

I understand why you feel like that but the reason this exists is as a pacing mechanic so that players do not rush their characters to maximum so quickly they instantly become bored of the game.

It’s also good because it creates a bigger sense of accomplishment when you do UR a unit.

“Ok…So who should I max out first then?”

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Team Building Priorities

There are 3 things you should be spending your pendants on to work efficiently

In order the priority of these is: – PVE Auto Farm Team – Raid Boss Teams (Deathmatch) – PVP Team

Where do I get SSR / SR Medals.

  • Story mode
  • SP Dungeon (Spherical Keys Only)
  • Events
  • Netmarble thank you’s
  • Guild Coins (Comes later and requries raid mats)

I’ve burned through all of story and I can’t get the SP dungeon keys what do I do?

WOW… You are progressing very quickly and are going all in! Try focusing on gear and character awakenings but if you are all done with that here’s what you can do:

There is only one solution at this point and it is to pre-farm a large amount of raid materials or (demon horns).

When guilds arrive you will be able to turn in these raid materials (50 per day) to acquire guild coins and raise your current guild level. At Higher guild levels you will be able to turn in guild coins for SR & SSR Pendants though it may take some time.

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