Soulstone, Codex, Crafting Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution guide about soulstone processing, codex, crafting for new players.
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What is Soulstone Processing?

Various items such as Enhancement Stones, Forgestones, and crafting materials can be obtained by processing soulstones.

1. What is Soulstone Processing?

1) Soulstones obtained from Faction War and Quests can be processed into items that can be used.

2) Access the Process Soulstones from the main screen by tapping [Menu] → [Item] → [Process Soulstones].

3) Soulstone Grades

 ① There are three grades of soulstones: normal, premium, and super.

 ② Higher grade Soulstones can yield more and higher grade items.

2. How to Process Soulstones

1) You can process 1 or 10 times depending on the amount of Soulstone you own. 

2) Different grades of Soulstone require different amounts to process.

3) Items obtained from processing Soulstones can be checked in the results screen. 

 ① The number and kinds of items that can be obtained are random.

 ② Tap the Reprocess button at the bottom to continue processing.

 ③ Selecting the Process x10 option prompts a result screen showing the total items obtained from processing 10 times.

4) Please remember to have enough inventory space to process Soulstones.

3. Items Earned from Processing Soulstone

SoulstonePremium SoulstoneSuper Soulstone
Weapon Enhancement StoneSpecial MetalRadiant Weapon Enhancement Stone
Accessory Enhancement StoneSpecial OreRadiant Accessory Enhancement Stone
Normal OrePremium MetalRadiant Enhancement Stone Fragment
Normal MetalPremium OreFixed Forgestone
Enhancement Stone FragmentFixed Forgestone 
ForgestoneWeapon Enhancement Stone 
 Accessory Enhancement Stone 

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.


Get stats for collecting equipment! Complete the Codex and claim the rewards that are available!

1. What is the Codex?

1) The different types of equipment available to specific classes can be viewed here, as well as collection status.

2) The Codex activates automatically upon obtaining a piece of equipment for the first time. Rewards are available for completing the codex of each grade.

3) Equipment entries activated in the Codex are permanent, regardless of whether or not the item is still owned in your Inventory.

4) Access the Codex from the main screen by tapping [Menu] → [Item] → [Codex].

2. Codex Tabs

1) Type: Items are sorted in the Codex by type.

2) Grade: The different grades are available for viewing, classified by color. Tap the grade to view its available equipment types.

 – A list of equipment needed to complete the Codex will be displayed when you tap a grade.

3) Rewards

 ① Set Completion Rewards: Granted when accessory and Soul Shield sets are completed in the Codex.

 ② Codex Stat Reward: Stats are granted as a reward by completing each grade’s Codex.

♠ More stats become available based on grade and equipment type.

♠ All characters on the same account will get to claim codex entries for pets, as they are account-bound.

3. Codex Stat Rewards

Equipment TypeStat RewardNormalRefinedRareHeroicLegendary
Attack Power1016243654
Critical Hit365478132183
Equipment TypeStat RewardNormalRefinedRareHeroicLegendary
Crit Defense314866114159
Equipment TypeStat RewardNormalRefinedRareHeroicLegendary
Soul ShieldAccuracy314866114
Equipment TypeStat RewardNormalRefinedRareHeroicLegendary
Crit Defense406075133189

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.


Craft the items you need, DIY-style! Craft various things including healing tonics, equipment, and outfits!

1. Crafting 

1) Access crafting after completing the corresponding main quest.

 – Crafting healing tonics, outfits, and other items: Available upon completing “Newfound Hope.”

 – Crafting weapons, accessories, and other equipment: Available upon completing “Custom-Made Equipment.”

2) Craft through the general and equipment merchants in the village. Materials are used up when crafting.

 – Healing tonics and enhancement materials can be crafted by using material items.

 – Equipment and outfits can be crafted by using materials and designs.

 – Crafting costs must be paid in Silver.

3) Slots are shared by merchant type when crafting.

 ① You can check and claim your crafted items at any general/equipment shop even if you’ve started crafting in another village.

 ② 1 slot is provided per merchant, and you can expand up to 3 slots using [Talisman of Crafting].

4) You can’t craft more than the maximum number of slots (3 per merchant type)

5) Available Item Crafting per Merchant

 ① General Merchant

  – Potions: Craft healing tonics, elixirs, and other potions.

  – Supply Box: Craft Super Supply Item Chests and other items.

  – Outfit: Craft wearable outfits.

  – Headgear: Craft wearable headgear.

  – Materials: Craft Enhancement Stones, Forgestones, and other materials.

  – Event: Craft various items using materials you got from events.

 ② Equipment Merchant

  – Weapon: Craft weapons for your character’s class.

  – Earrings/Necklaces/Bracelets/Rings: Craft accessories for each part. 

6) Crafting takes time. Claim your item from the merchant when it’s finished.

 ① Time required for crafting depends on the item.

 ② Complete the crafting process immediately by spending Silver.

  – The amount of Silver required depends on the remaining time.

7) There’s a chance for a Super Success to occur upon finishing item crafting.

 ① You can randomly get an enhanced item or a tradeable item upon Super Success in item crafting.

 ② Tradeable items are marked by a Blue Crystal icon when viewing item information in the inventory.

2. How to Craft

1) Find the right merchant for the type of item you want to craft.

 ① Approach the merchant and tap the Shop button to view the shop and crafting menu.

 ② Tap the crafting icon to switch to the crafting screen.

2) Crafting

 ① Select the item from the crafting list.

  – Items requiring crafting materials you currently own will be shown as “Available” to show they can be crafted.

 ② Tap the item you wish to craft to view the required materials.

  – You won’t be able to craft if there are no empty slots.

  – Claim an item that’s been crafted to free a slot, then craft again.

  – Items such as outfits and headgear can be seen on the character by tapping the Preview button.

 ③ View the numbers of required materials depending on the selected quantity.

  – View the selected item’s information when choosing materials

♠ When crafting, items from both your inventory and storage will be used as crafting material.

 ④ Select “Exclude Tradeable Materials” to craft items without using tradeable items.

 ⑤ The tradability of the materials used is irrelevant – all crafted items you get are untradeable.

  – However, if a Super Success occurs when crafting, you can get a tradeable item independent of the tradability of the materials used.

 ⑥ Tap Craft to start.

 ⑦ Crafting finishes when the time reaches 0.

  – You can use Silver to complete it right away.

  – The amount of Silver required to complete crafting right away depends on the remaining time.

3) Crafting Completion

 ① Crafting finishes when the time reaches 0. 

 ② Select the item from the slot in the crafting menu to claim it.

  – Items such as outfits and headgear can be seen on the character by tapping the Preview button prior to claiming them.

 ③ When claiming the item, check whether crafting was completed normally or if it resulted in Super Success

  – If equipment crafting results in Super Success, you have a chance to get enhanced equipment. 

 ④ Claimed items can be viewed in the Inventory or the Wardrobe.

4) Getting Crafting Materials

 ① Get crafting materials by chance when eliminating enemies.

 ② Gather crafting materials on the field.

 ③ Get crafting materials by chance when eliminating enemies, bosses, and hidden bosses in dungeons.

 ④ Get crafting materials by chance when salvaging equipment.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

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