Sid Story Service Termination on July 10, 2020

Hello friends, sad news comes from Sid Story. They want to close the game service on July 10, 2020. Below is the information from the official Facebook Page.

[Notice] Service Termination Notice

First off, we would like to thank all users for your love and support of Sid Story. Since the service of Sid Story was officially transferred to Trypot Studios in December, 2019, we have done our very best to provide more diverse and high-quality cards and to spend more time with our players for the service of Sid Story. However, as the game revenues fail to cover its expenses continuously, we come to the situation where we regrettably inform you that Sid Story will be ending its service in July 10, 2020.

Given agonizing circumstances, there were many concerns regarding further expenses for new cards, but we did our utmost best to make your final memories of Sid Story best possible by preparing for the June event with the intention of trying to endure a little more with the mind of users who have been with Sid Story for a long time. So, please enjoy our new Season, Special Summon, Dark Lussid, Confession of Forest, Mileage and other events with around 10 different new cards for the rest of period. We will also provide continuous game events for you during this period, and the information regarding the upcoming events will be informed on the facebook as usual.

■ Service Termination Notice

1. Service End Date: 7/10/2020 (UTC)
2. Last Day For In-App Purchases: 6/1/2020 (UTC)
3. Last Day For Game Downloads: 6/1/2020 (UTC)

We are also very sad to deliver this unfortunate news but it has been an honor for us to play and experience the gameplay together with all users. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude.

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