Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross PVP Guide Basic.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross PVP (Player Versus Player) happens in real-time against other players. If the PVP system is not able to find you a human player to go up against, you will fight an AI (Bot) instead. To use PVP mode, you must clear Chapter 4 of the story. Below is the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross PVP Guide Basic.

7 Deadly Sins GC PVP Guide Basic.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross has two modes PvP available, Geared mode and Gearless mode. To unlock the Geared Mode, you have to reach Gold ranking in the Gearless Mode first. Geared mode means the gear character use is calculated for battle, you must have good equipment for PVP geared mode. The Gearless mode means the gear equipped by character did not calculated for battle.

Rewards are given based on your ranking at the end of the week. Geared Mode rewards coins that can be used to buy weapon costumes that increase your characters’ stats. Gearless Mode rewards gems. In the next update, there will be a Tournament Mode. Its for the top 100 players to battle it out while everyone else can spectate.

Team Compositions.
1. Ultimate Team
The ultimate team compositions mean in your team must have Coin Shop Merlin and Apple Pies the rest crew fill it with a character that have powerful ultimates. With that, you can use your ultimate move on the first turn or second turn on the battle. It is possible because Coin Shop Merlin’s unique buff and Apple Pie buff.
Core: Merlin 
Team: Gowther, King, Diane
Sub: Simon, Gilthunder, Taizoo
Buff Food: Apple PieSweet, Apple PieHoney, Apple Pie

2. Burst Team

The burst team compositions mean you must have one or two high damage dealer characters with one or two supporting it. This team build will kill one or two of your opponents on the first turn,

Core: Ban, Howzer
Optional: Slader, Jericho, Elizabeth
Sub: Simon, Taizoo
Buff Food: Chicken Matango Egg Omelet, Butter Baked Chicken Matango, Honey Grilled Chicken Matango
3. Tank Team
The tank teams focus on mitigating the damage received until ultimates move are ready to use.
Core: Merlin
Optional: Griamore, Ban, Gowther
Sub: Gilthunder Taizoo
Buff Food: Salt Grilled Sand Crawler, Butter Baked Sand Crawler, Herb Baked Sand Crawler