Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Guide Complete

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross firsts launched in Japan and Korea then released globally in 2020. A turn-based mobile game from Netmarble adapted from anime Seven Deadly Sins. Game storyline into cutscenes are like in the anime, so for those who love Seven Deadly Sins anime must play this game. Moreover is free to play. This is Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Guide Complete.

Gameplay System Guide

The battle system Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is two teams against each other, each team fills with four main characters and four support characters.

First there only three main characters active, if one of the three main characters dies, it will be substituted by the last main character.

For the support characters its assigned to each main character to buff state and empower ultimate ability. In a team, the same character cannot be used more than once.

The battle system also uses a card that represents character’s abilities, you will be given 7 random cards when the battle begins. The card action will depend on the number of alive teams, you can tap card for playing it or drag a card for moving it.

The cards have ranks from one star to three stars, to upgrade the ranks of the cards you need two of the same cards next to each other. So if you have two same cards drag it so they can be next to each other. Ranking up cards is essential for this game, it can power up characters.

Quest System Guide

The quest system Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross listed on the top right of the screen, by tap on it your character will move to the quest destination. Like any other game, the quest must be completed to make further progress.

The quest divided into 5 categories by color, yellow color for main story quests, green color for daily quests, purple color for awakening quests, blue color for village easy quests, and red color for village hard quests.

Gacha System Guide

Right now almost all of the free to play games, have gacha system. The gacha system Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross used for you to unlock new characters. The rates are : R: 60%, SR: 37%, SSR: 3%.

note :
⦁ You can buy pull with 3 gems per 1 pull or 30 gems 10 + 1 bonus.
⦁ From daily you can buy 1 pull for 1 gem.
⦁ If you got character that you already had, it will be transformed into currency for the Coin Shop.
⦁ From the 10 + 1 bundle if you fail to get an SSR unit, the pity bar will increase by 20%.
⦁ if the pity bar reached 100%, you will be guaranteed to get SSR unit.

Free Rolling Guide

Get SR unit from free roll by reset account, how to reset account? Before resetting the account please make sure you want to do it, because the account data will be permanently erased from the server. We usually reset account progress after 14 pulls and we got nothing good from the pulls.

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⦁ First free pull from tutorial, you will receive a free pull for a guaranteed SSR.
⦁ Second from 10+1 bundle.
⦁ Last 2 from individual pulls.

To reset account, go to setting menu and then tap or click “Erase Progress”. It will delete all progress on the account.

Character Status Guide

Status Description
Attack Increases damage dealt

Defense Reduces damage taken

HP Total health pool

Penetration : Increases damage dealt through defenses
Resistance : Reduces damage taken through penetration
Regeneration : Increases health recovered every turn

Crit Rate Increases the chance of a critical hit

Crit Damage Increases damage dealt by critical hits
Crit Resistance Reduces chance of receiving a critical hit
Crit Defense Reduces damage taken from critical hits
Recovery Rate Increases healing received from skills

Lifesteal Converts damage dealt into health

The power of character measured by combat power (CP). The more combat power you have, then you can easily beat your enemy.

Character Skills Guide

Every character has 2 skills, 1 unique, and 1 ultimate. The ultimate can be upgraded 6 times by spending duplicate character coins. The unique skill is unlocked once the character reaches a Combat Power of 16,000.

Name Description
Damage Deals damage

Debuff Applies a negative effect

Damage & Debuff Deals damage and applies a negative effect
Buff Applies a positive effect

Defense Protects allies

Recovery Heals allies

Character Affinity Guide

Each character has an affinity level represents how much they like you. There are 5 levels of affinity, each one with its own reward upon reaching it as follows:

Level 1: Illustration
Level 2: Voice Line
Level 3: Gems
Level 4: Emote
Level 5: Costume

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To increase affinity levels, you can gift characters their favorite meals or affinity-specific items.

Character Limit Breaking And Rarity

There are 4 character rarities in the game, each with their own max level cap:
R: Lv.30
SR: Lv.40
SSR: Lv.50
UR: Lv.60+

While you can naturally find R, SR, and SSR characters, the UR rarity can only be obtained by limit breaking an SSR a unit. Limit breaking is used to increase the rarity of a unit. It can only be performed on a max level unit and it costs materials and resources. Each time a unit’s rarity is increased, their levels reset to 1.

Character Associations Guide

Most characters will share a bond with other units. When paired together, these associations grant the active character extra stats. Some bonds activate Combined Attacks which empower the character’s ultimate skill. Pairing units correctly to activate these bonds is a crucial part of building strong teams.

Character Race & Type Guide

Characters all have a race and a type. A lot of uniques grant bonuses based on these traits. Since there are a lot of variations of the same character, players often use their type to differentiate them. For instance, they might refer to the two Elizabeths as Green Elizabeth and Red Elizabeth. There are 6 races and 3 types.

Character Costumes Guide

Costumes are more than just cosmetics in this game. Each one comes with a set of substats that empowers characters when equipped. There are costumes for body, weapons, and hair. Each character can have up to 5 of each costume equipped, but only 1 of each actively on display.
Costumes can be obtained by limit breaking characters or purchased for gems, PvP coins, or gold. Some costumes are shared between variations of the same character.

Equipment Guide

What the best option for equipment? Attack, HP, and Defense? Those 3 stats are definitely the must-have status on equipment. But it depends on the characters, characters that focus on healing might better use the Recovery Rate option more than HP options.

Characters that inflict Fatal damage might better from Crit Chance options than Attack options. Maybe some characters are really strong when stacked with lifesteal. There is too much variance for it to be a simple answer. If you are feeling frisky, go out there and experiment!

Can’t I just use an SR piece instead? The trade-off between the power you gain for the resources you invest is not worth it in the long run. You will reach a point where the SR pieces will not be good enough anymore and you’ll need SSR ones instead. At that point, all the resources you invested in the SR gear will be wasted.

Instead, if you focus on C gear, the investment will still be wasted at some point, but the amount is not even comparable. If you want numbers, the lowest main stat roll on an SSR piece is higher than the max main stat roll on an SR one.

Where do I get C quality gear? Good question! You can buy C quality gear from the town vendors. Each piece costs 2,000 gold with the exception of Orbs which cost 10,000. You might be tempted to buy multiple pieces until you get a good main stat roll, but it is cheaper and faster to reroll the stat from the item menu.

Equipment Quality

Almost every collectible in this game will have a quality level. The qualities for gear are the following, starting with the weakest:
⦁ – C
⦁ – UC
⦁ – R
⦁ – SR
⦁ – SSR
These rankings can lead you to believe that an SSR piece will always be better than a C piece, but that is not the case. While a fully upgraded SSR item will have a higher main stat than a fully upgraded C piece, their secondary stats can be exactly the same.

Equipment Main Stats

Every piece of gear will have a primary stat attached to it depending on the slot it goes into. The value of the stat will be assigned at random within a pre-determined range. Items on the left, meaning Bracer, Neck, and Belt, have higher main stat values than their counterparts on the right.

To better illustrate the difference in stats, let’s take a look at some numbers. The following tables show the highest possible value for each slot depending on the quality.


Bracer 300 400 600 900 1300
Ring 200 250 350 500 700


Neck 150 200 300 450 650
Earring 100 110 160 220 320


Belt 3000 4000 6000 9000 13000
Orb 1400 1750 2450 3500 4900

Secondary Stats

Every piece of gear also has a set of 5 secondary stats you can unlock by upgrading it. Just like the main stat, these secondary stats are pre-determined depending on the slot. However, the value of these secondary stats is percentage-based and is not determined by the item’s quality.

Both an SSR and a C quality Bracer have a secondary stat that ranges between 1% and 3% Attack. The only thing that changes is the cost of upgrading and rerolling them. You can roll the same secondary stats on all five slots.

Just like before, let’s break down the numbers. Here are the possible substats for each slot and their possible values.

Bracer / Ring

Stat Lowest Highest
Attack 1% 3%
Pierce Rate 2% 6%
Crit Chance 1.5% 4.5%
Crit Damage 2% 6%

Neck / Earring

Stat Lowest Highest
Defense 1% 3%
Resistance 2% 6%
Crit Resistance 1.5% 4.5%
Crit Defense 2% 6%

Belt / Orb

Stat Lowest Highest
HP 1% 3%
Regeneration 2% 6%
Lifesteal 1.5% 4.5%
Recovery Rate 2% 6%

Gear Sets Guide

On top of all that variance, you will also have to be on the lookout for the optimal gear sets. Generally speaking, you will want a 4-set HP and 2-set Defense on your support and tank characters, and a 4-set Attack and 2-set Defense on your damage dealers.

For healers, you can also consider going with a 4-set Attack and 2-set Recovery Rate to increase their healing output. In rare cases, you have some options when it comes to damage dealers.

You can sacrifice defense for more damage by going with the 2-set Critical Damage instead of Defense. I recommend this on characters that either inflict Cutting damage or have high crit chance and crit damage base stats.

You can also change the 4-set Attack for a 4-set Crit Rate on characters that inflict Fatal damage or have a really high crit damage base stat. You can find gear set recommendations on each character’s individual page.
So what does this all mean? Long story short, SSR pieces will always have the highest max main stat, but all qualities have the same max secondary stats. The real difference comes down to cost. Every time you want to reroll a main stat, upgrade an item, or reroll a secondary stat, you have to spend gold.

The lower the quality, the cheaper the cost. Keep in mind that you not only need to fully upgrade each equipment, you also need to make sure that both the values and the secondary stats are the ones you wanted.

When you are first starting out, it is recommended to fill your right-hand slots, meaning Ring, Earring, and Orb, with fully upgraded C quality gear. Their secondary stats should be the same as their main stats.

Meaning that for rings, you want attack secondaries, for earrings you want defense, and for orbs you want HP. In an ideal world, you end up with 15% of each. More realistically, you probably end up with around 12% of each.

For your left-hand slots, meaning Bracer, Neck, and Belt, you want to equip 0-star +5 SSR quality gear. Do not spend gems to reroll their main stats. If you find another SSR piece with a higher main stat roll, upgrade that one to +5 and use it. It only costs 15,000 gold to do it.

This method allows you to power through content without investing a large number of resources by relying on high percentage secondary stats. As you progress deeper into the game and collect more resources, you can slowly upgrade all your equipment into SSR pieces with good secondaries. Use anvils to reroll their stats instead of gems.

Tavern Guide

The Boar Hat Taverns serves as the central HUB for this game and it is where you will appear every time you log in. You can decorate, collect daily rewards, meet characters, and much more inside the tavern.
Things to do, While some activities in the tavern are completely optional, others are very important. Here is a list of everything you can do inside:

⦁ Cooking: Combine cooking ingredients to create dishes that can be used to boost stats or increase reputation.
⦁ Food Orders: Leave a list of dishes with Hawk that will be ready to collect after some time.
⦁ Salvage Equipment: Breakdown equipment for upgrade materials.
⦁ Exchange Materials: Trade materials for higher or lower ranks of the same items.
⦁ Decorations: Customize the look of your tavern with various cosmetic items.
⦁ Gifts: Increase your affinity with different characters that will visit your tavern periodically by giving them their favorite gifts, especially on their birthdays.
⦁ Interact: Increase your affinity with Meliodas by performing tasks in the tavern such as cleaning tables or serving ale.

PVP Guide

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross PVP (Player Versus Player) happens in real-time against other players. If the PVP system is not able to find you a human player to go up against, you will fight an AI (Bot) instead. To use PVP mode, you must clear Chapter 4 of the story. Below is the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross PVP Guide Basic.

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Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross has two modes PvP available, Geared mode and Gearless mode. To unlock the Geared Mode, you have to reach Gold ranking in the Gearless Mode first. Geared mode means the gear character use is calculated for battle, you must have good equipment for PVP geared mode. The Gearless mode means the gear equipped by character did not calculated for battle.

Rewards are given based on your ranking at the end of the week. Geared Mode rewards coins that can be used to buy weapon costumes that increase your characters’ stats. Gearless Mode rewards gems. In the next update, there will be a Tournament Mode. Its for the top 100 players to battle it out while everyone else can spectate.

Team Compositions.

  1. Ultimate Team
    The ultimate team compositions mean in your team must have Coin Shop Merlin and Apple Pies the rest crew fill it with a character that have powerful ultimates. With that, you can use your ultimate move on the first turn or second turn on the battle. It is possible because Coin Shop Merlin’s unique buff and Apple Pie buff.
    Core: Merlin
    Team: Gowther, King, Diane
    Sub: Simon, Gilthunder, Taizoo
    Buff Food: Apple PieSweet, Apple PieHoney, Apple Pie

2. Burst Team
The burst team compositions mean you must have one or two high damage dealer characters with one or two supporting it. This team build will kill one or two of your opponents on the first turn,
Core: Ban, Howzer
Optional: Slader, Jericho, Elizabeth
Sub: Simon, Taizoo
Buff Food: Chicken Matango Egg Omelet, Butter Baked Chicken Matango, Honey Grilled Chicken Matango

  1. Tank Team
    The tank teams focus on mitigating the damage received until ultimates move are ready to use.
    Core: Merlin
    Optional: Griamore, Ban, Gowther
    Sub: Gilthunder Taizoo
    Buff Food: Salt Grilled Sand Crawler, Butter Baked Sand Crawler, Herb Baked Sand Crawler

Raid Dungeon Guide

How to clear raid dungeon in The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross? You can go to the first raid battle against the Red Demon when you on Chapter 5 of the main story. Raids are battles against a powerful demon that you can participate in by yourself or with an ally in real-time. You can invite a friend or be matched up with a random player.

Unlike regular battles, there will be 6 units fighting on your side. Each player will have 3 units plus a substitute. During your turn, both will players act at the same time. The order of actions is determined by the speed at which they are selected.

You can communicate with your allies by creating a list of text emotes. Some of the demons will be immune to crowd control (CC). They can also have multiple lives shown by the number of hearts below their health bar. Once they reach 0% health with 1 heart remaining, the demon will die.

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How to participate
In order to fight these Demons, you first need to get them to show up. To do so, you have to participate in boss battle stages. Each chapter will have its own corruption bar that fills up the more boss battles you clear. The higher the bar, the more likely it is for a demon to show up in that town.

Once a Demon is defeated or 60 minutes go by, the demon will disappear and you will be granted a 20% discount buff for the town you saved. This buff stacks with the 20% you get from donations, for a total of 40% discount on the town’s shops. Take advantage of this to buy weapon skins from the special vendor that appears once a day, or chalices from the food vendor.
Demons, Strategy, & Rewards

Each demon will have four difficulties with increasing rewards: Normal, Hard, Extreme, and Hell. The materials collected from defeating these demons can be used to increase the level cap of characters.

Red Demon Strategy.
The Red Demon is unlocked during Chapter 5 of the main story. It has a second stage where it gains increased stats. The most effective strategy is to use a crowd control effect on the last skill, such as Petrify or Freeze.
Attribute: Strength
Weak To: Human
Strong Against: Fairy
Immune to CC: No

Grey Demon Strategy
The Grey Demon is unlocked after completing Chapter 6 of the main story. At the start of the battle, the Grey Demon will be flying in the air and unaffected by melee attacks. It will land after 3 turns. The most effective strategy is to support a Forest Guardian King, who gains bonus damage against the Grey Demon. Otherwise, you can use Green Meliodas as your damage dealer and have a rank 3 Full Counter ready for the turn the Grey Demon lands.
Attribute: Speed
Weak To: Fairy
Strong Against: Giant
Immune to CC: Yes

Crimson Demon Strategy
The Crimson Demon is unlocked after completing Chapter 7 of the main story. The strategy for this demon is similar to the Grey Demon. You want a strong attacker, ideally Sin of Wrath Meliodas, supported by buffing units.
Attribute: Speed
Weak To: Demon
Strong Against: Goddess
Immune to CC: Yes

Guilds Guide

Guilds are unlocked after completing chapter 6 of the main story, at which point you can either create or join an existing one. Upon joining a guild, you will have access to new content and rewards including the Guild Hall, Raids, and weekly missions.

The easiest rewards come from checking in every day. All you have to do is visit your Guild Hall once a day and pray on the altar. The more prayers, the better the rewards for all guild members. The rewards are chests that can be sold for gold coins, but they include 1 Gem after reaching at least 20 prayers.

The next set of rewards come from weekly missions. These missions scale in difficulty and rewards based on your guild’s level. The objectives can range from donating gold, to daily prayers, to participating in different types of battles. When completed, guild members will be rewarded with gold and Guild coins.

You can also exchange up to 50 Demon parts from co-op raids per day for Guild Coins.

Story Mode Guide

Chapters, the story is broken up into chapters, each with their own set of quests, rewards, and village. Each chapter will reward players with a character. Here is the list of character rewards by chapters:

Chapter Character
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Roadblocks, throughout the story, you will be tasked with evolving units to progress further. This happens 5 times, but only 3 of them are necessary for progression. These are the characters you will need to evolve:

Mandatory Evolution Optional Evolution

Teams, progressing through the story will not be difficult until later chapters. Here is a list of teams with strong synergies you can use from very early on:

Core Sub

Coin Shop Guide

Whenever you pull a character you already own, you will be given a coin of that unit’s rarity instead. While you can use these coins to upgrade the respective unit’s Ultimate Skill, it is usually better to save them. These coins can be spent to purchase various items in the Coin Shop, but most notably a set of very powerful characters exclusive to the shop.
Coin Shop Units

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The strongest characters in the game come from this shop. These are characters that will remain viable for months to come with no sign of that changing. You can find the previous, current, and upcoming coin shop unit sale in the home screen along with a timer.

Coin Management

Being smart about how you spend your duplicate coins will make a very big difference in the long run. To do this, we need to focus on making the right purchases and taking advantage of sales. The most important sale is the one for SSR coins. This sale will change every week and will offer one of the powerful coin-shop characters. Let’s break down what you should be spending your coins on to be efficient.

SSR Coins

One of the most important goals in this game is making sure you have enough SSR duplicate coins to purchase Red Gowther when he enters the coin shop.

S Rank A Rank B Rank C Rank

SR Coins

These coins are primarily used for unlocking strong SSR units that you are missing and keys for the SP dungeon.
R Coins

Only spend these coins on Stamina Potions. The only unit really worth boosting is Green Gustaf.