Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Guide Basic.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross firsts launched in Japan and Korea then released globally in 2020. A turn-based mobile game from Netmarble adapted from anime Seven Deadly Sins. Game storyline into cutscenes are like in the anime, so for those who love Seven Deadly Sins anime must play this game. Moreover is free to play.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Guide Basic.
Battle System Guide 
The battle system Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is two teams against each other, each team fills with four main characters and four support characters.
First there only three main characters active, if one of the three main characters dies, it will be substituted by the last main character.
For the support characters its assigned to each main character to buff state and empower ultimate ability. In a team, the same character cannot be used more than once.
The battle system also uses a card that represents character’s abilities, you will be given 7 random cards when the battle begins. The card action will depend on the number of alive teams, you can tap card for playing it or drag a card for moving it.
The cards have ranks from one star to three stars, to upgrade the ranks of the cards you need two of the same cards next to each other. So if you have two same cards drag it so they can be next to each other. Ranking up cards is essential for this game, it can power up characters.
Quest System
The quest system Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross listed on the top right of the screen, by tap on it your character will move to the quest destination. Like any other game, the quest must be completed to make further progress.
The quest divided into 5 categories by color, yellow color for main story quests, green color for daily quests, purple color for awakening quests, blue color for village easy quests, and red color for village hard quests.
Gacha System
Right now almost all of the free to play games, have gacha system. The gacha system Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross used for you to unlock new characters. The rates are : R: 60%, SR: 37%, SSR: 3%.
note :

You can buy pull with 3 gems per 1 pull or 30 gems 10 + 1 bonus.
From daily you can buy 1 pull for 1 gem.
If got character that you already had, it will be transformed into currency for the Coin Shop.
From the 10 + 1 bundle if you fail to get an SSR unit, the pity bar will increase by 20%.
if the pity bar reached 100%, you will be guaranteed to get SSR unit.

Tips : Use reset account to get free roll / pull.

Character Status

Status Description
Attack Increases damage dealt
Defense Reduces damage taken
HP Total health pool
Penetration Increases damage dealt through defenses
Resistance Reduces damage taken through penetration
Regeneration Increases health recovered every turn
Crit Rate Increases the chance of a critical hit
Crit Damage Increases damage dealt by critical hits
Crit Resistance Reduces the chance of receiving a critical hit
Crit Defense Reduces damage taken from critical hits
Recovery Rate Increases healing received from skills
Lifesteal Converts damage dealt into health

The power of character measured by combat power (CP). The more combat power you have, then you can easily beat your enemy.

Character Skills

Every character has 2 skills, 1 unique, and 1 ultimate. The ultimate can be upgraded 6 times by spending duplicate character coins. The unique skill is unlocked once the character reaches a Combat Power of 16,000.

Name Description
Damage Deals damage
Debuff Applies a negative effect
Damage & Debuff Deals damage and applies a negative effect
Buff Applies a positive effect
Defense Protects allies
Recovery Heals allies
Character Affinity

Each character has an affinity level represents how much they like you. There are 5 levels of affinity, each one with its own reward upon reaching it as follows:

Level 1: Illustration
Level 2: Voice Line
Level 3: Gems
Level 4: Emote
Level 5: Costume

To increase affinity levels, you can gift characters their favorite meals or affinity-specific items.

Character Limit Breaking And Rarity

There are 4 character rarities in the game, each with their own max level cap:

R: Lv.30
SR: Lv.40
SSR: Lv.50
UR: Lv.60+

While you can naturally find R, SR, and SSR characters, the UR rarity can only be obtained by limit breaking an SSR a unit. Limit breaking is used to increase the rarity of a unit. It can only be performed on a max level unit and it costs materials and resources. Each time a unit’s rarity is increased, their levels reset to 1.

Character Associations

Most characters will share a bond with other units. When paired together, these associations grant the active character extra stats. Some bonds activate Combined Attacks which empower the character’s ultimate skill. Pairing units correctly to activate these bonds is a crucial part of building strong teams.

Character Race & Type

Characters all have a race and a type. A lot of uniques grant bonuses based on these traits. Since there are a lot of variations of the same character, players often use their type to differentiate them. For instance, they might refer to the two Elizabeths as Green Elizabeth and Red Elizabeth. There are 6 races and 3 types.

Character Costumes

Costumes are more than just cosmetics in this game. Each one comes with a set of substats that empowers characters when equipped. There are costumes for body, weapons, and hair. Each character can have up to 5 of each costume equipped, but only 1 of each actively on display.

Costumes can be obtained by limit breaking characters or purchased for gems, PvP coins, or gold. Some costumes are shared between variations of the same character.

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