Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Co-op Raids Guide Complete.

How to clear raid dungeon in The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross?

You can go to the first raid battle against the Red Demon when you on Chapter 5 of the main story. Raids are battles against a powerful demon that you can participate in by yourself or with an ally in real-time. You can invite a friend or be matched up with a random player.

Unlike regular battles, there will be 6 units fighting on your side. Each player will have 3 units plus a substitute. During your turn, both will players act at the same time. The order of actions is determined by the speed at which they are selected.

You can communicate with your allies by creating a list of text emotes. The most common ones are:

I can stun!
I can heal!
I can buff!
I will go first!

Some of the demons will be immune to crowd control (CC). They can also have multiple lives shown by the number of hearts below their health bar. Once they reach 0% health with 1 heart remaining, the demon will die.

How to participate

In order to fight these Demons, you first need to get them to show up. To do so, you have to participate in boss battle stages. Each chapter will have its own corruption bar that fills up the more boss battles you clear. The higher the bar, the more likely it is for a demon to show up in that town.

Once a Demon is defeated or 60 minutes go by, the demon will disappear and you will be granted a 20% discount buff for the town you saved. This buff stacks with the 20% you get from donations, for a total of 40% discount on the town’s shops. Take advantage of this to buy weapon skins from the special vendor that appears once a day, or chalices from the food vendor.

Demons, Strategy, & Rewards

Each demon will have four difficulties with increasing rewards: Normal, Hard, Extreme, and Hell. The materials collected from defeating these demons can be used to increase the level cap of characters.

Red Demon Strategy.
The Red Demon is unlocked during Chapter 5 of the main story. It has a second stage where it gains increased stats. The most effective strategy is to use a crowd control effect on the last skill, such as Petrify or Freeze.

Attribute: Strength
Weak To: Human
Strong Against: Fairy
Immune to CC: No

Grey Demon Strategy
The Grey Demon is unlocked after completing Chapter 6 of the main story. At the start of the battle, the Grey Demon will be flying in the air and unaffected by melee attacks. It will land after 3 turns. The most effective strategy is to support a Forest Guardian King, who gains bonus damage against the Grey Demon. Otherwise, you can use Green Meliodas as your damage dealer and have a rank 3 Full Counter ready for the turn the Grey Demon lands.

Attribute: Speed
Weak To: Fairy
Strong Against: Giant
Immune to CC: Yes

Crimson Demon Strategy
The Crimson Demon is unlocked after completing Chapter 7 of the main story. The strategy for this demon is similar to the Grey Demon. You want a strong attacker, ideally Sin of Wrath Meliodas, supported by buffing units.

Attribute: Speed
Weak To: Demon
Strong Against: Goddess
Immune to CC: Yes