Rerolling Guide Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

In Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross, Rerolling is not recommended.

However if you REALLY want to take the time to get the best “starter” unit there is no unit that has extremely large longevity out of the starting pool.

Best Reroll Character

  • Green Meliodas

Recommended Gear Set: Atk/def or Hp/Crit dmg (based on his passive)

  • Green Skinny King

Recommended Gear set: Atk / Cdmg (Only Good when you acquire his passive)

Note Both of these units are not useful for most content.

Green Skinny King is typically only used in certain PVP teams (very rare) and Grey Demon. He is not a “needed” unit for grey demon clears but definitely helps significantly to have him.

Green Meliodas is the highest damage unit for single target on launch besides Green Jericho (who has some very large survivability problems) He is very useful in story content and Final Boss King but does not see much use outside of that.

Update 3/3

  • Beginner Starting pool contains far more units than previously thought.
  • As a result there are much more units that are viable “reroll characters”

Additional Viable “reroll Characters”

  • Red SSR Arthur

Reccomended Gear Set : Atk/Def or Hp Def (Either will work and it depends on what you want more from him.

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This unit is a great support unti especially on the launch of the game due to his ability to buff all base stats. The highest damage booster in the game is still green sr gilthunder but arthur provides tankiness and damage. Although he is a coin shop unit and is purchaseable with gold coins he is still a great unit to have very early and late game.

  • Red Howzer

Reccomended Gear set : Atk/Def, late game hp/def only in certain situations for pvp cp boosting

Best aoe clearing unit in game for auto farming. (by starting with him that’s one less dupe you will need going forward for your 6/6 howzer)

Best Starter F2P Units

  • SR Green Lizhawk (Ch. 0) – Very High damage unit for AOE fights.

Recommended Gear Set: Atk / Def

  • SR Red Ban (Ch. 2)=takes away ult gauges, useful for training cave

Recommended gear set: Atk/def

  • SSR CS Blue King (Ch. 3) = heal, debuff cleanse,Aoe ult, petrify(stun), very good for pvp,

Recommended gear set: Hp/Def

  • SSR CS Blue Diane (Ch. 4) = High AoE Damage farming Unit

Recommended gear set: Atk/Def

  • SR Green Gowther (Ch. 5) = Good for skill rank down in Story (chp 6). Good support unit and good Sub for PvP

Recommend gear set: Hp/Def

Note All of these units are useful at some point in the game or are great support units for your main team

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