Reroll Guide Goddess of Genesis

Hello friends, this is Goddess of Genesis Reroll Guide.The majority of SSR heroes in Goddess of Genesis are superior compared to SR heroes, there are still some vulnerabilities a number of them possess and it’s better to just skip them and focus on obtaining the strongest heroes instead.

Reroll Guide Goddess of Genesis

The fastest way to reroll in Goddess of Genesis is by utilizing the pre-registration rewards. Once the pre-registration rewards disappear, we will add an additional section to this guide for new players who started the game after pre-registration rewards.

After extensive rerolling, we have concluded that many players, including ourselves, have noticed you are only able to receive 3 different SSR heroes from the pre-registration Tarot Cards. These SSR heroes are Michael, Gabriel, and Valkyrie.

If you’re able to reroll from the whole pool of SSR heroes, then we strongly recommend focusing on getting Lilith, Merlin, or Lucifer.

Lilith deals massive single target damage, whereas Merlin is a powerful AoE damage dealer. Lucifer can be obtained from tutorial quests but getting a second copy of her is very important for more shards since the Goddess of Genesis uses a hero shard system where obtaining multiple copies allows increasing the hero’s power.

How to Reroll in Goddess of Genesis

The fisrt method would be to just pick a different server. As of now, there are already 7 game servers in the SEA region. This means you can perform reroll up to 7 times and once you’re satisfied with the results, just stick to that server. The problem with this is when you’re playing together with a Discord guild or other friends and it becomes hard to choose one server since all of you will need to play in the same server which means you would need to keep the reroll results that you obtained in that server.

The secondmethod would be just deleting the game and re-downloading it. Clearing app data is not enough to restart the reroll process and the game seems to have some initialization data that remains installed on your mobile device until you completely remove the game app. The drawback is you will need to re-download 1.2 GBs of data each time and that’s unfeasible for a lot of us.

The final and most superior method would be by using the BlueStacks Android emulator. This is an emulator that’s used by more than 400 million users worldwide, including ourselves! You can download the game on BlueStacks and then launch another copy of the game by creating a copy of the same emulator instance.

Just make sure to clone the emulator instance without ever opening Goddess of Genesis after downloading. Opening the game just once initializes some data that will immediately bind on every single new instance of the emulator you will create. Basically, make sure to download Goddess of Genesis, don’t open it, close the emulator instance as many times as you want to reroll and you’re good to go!

Download BlueStacks


It’s a little tricky rerolling in Goddess of Genesis since the pool of SSR heroes isn’t whole but just 3 SSR heroes and then clearing app data is not enough and you need to start getting creative and using solutions like BlueStacks emulator in order to reroll without any limitations. We hope this guide has proven useful to you.

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