How to Reduce Lag on Faction War Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, are you get some lag during Blade and Soul Revolution faction war? how to reduce lag on faction war? As you now that faction war on Blade and Soul Revolution is a mega-scale, real-time battle where a lot of users play simultaneously.

It may affect your gaming experience depending on your device specs. In order to avoid this issue, we have prepared this announcement to guide you in optimizing your settings for the best Faction War experience.

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Requirement device :
Android: Ram 3GB, OS 6, or higher.
iOS: iOS 11 or higher.

Don’t open any other apps on the background process.
Use game mode on your device if you have.
Change the quality setting.

◈ How to Change the Settings:

You can adjust the graphics quality to lower settings or turn off some of the features in order to enjoy the epic Faction War with a better connection. [Menu] → [Settings] → [GFX Quality] 

-The relevant options to adjust for a better connection: Shadow Quality

– Adjust Screen Resolution / Display Max Player Limit / Background View Distance / Display Shadows / Display Physics.

Hopefully, the graphics setting guide will help you enjoy the Faction War to the fullest!

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