Red Escanor VS Green Escanor Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

I have witnessed a strange amount of controversy regarding Green Escanor, even people calling the Red one better. I’d like to see some reasoning, as I used him, and can’t see how the Red one is supposed to be better. Do you think Green Escanor is S-Tier, or are you one of those Kingbram Users and think Esca is an Eh-Ok unit?

I don’t think there is a ”much better” version. They both do very different things. Red Escanor is more versatile in where you can use him in the game, has good effects but does require buffs to hit hard.

Green Escanor can rush ult insanely quick, probably faster than any other unit, which is an incredible feat already. On top of that he’s hard to stop if you do not have an ult drainer, because that’s pretty much the only way you’re gonna stop him.

Green Escanor is a massive single target damage dealer without utility. R Escanor is a massive damage dealer with extreme utility.

His main strength are his busted main and – substats. He is basically an enormous statstick. Consequently the more utility his cards have, the better that particular version of Escanor.

Both have their place in pvp. The reason I think Red escanor is seeing more play is because mono red is just incredibly strong all together and that’s not just because of escanor. Mono red has insane units.

I would give Red Escanor the slight edge, but I do not believe green is much more ”inferior”.

Red escanor has a better passive, amplify on first skill and an aoe orb removal on his 2nd. All green has is an ignite that can remove buffs and an ulti charging atk.

It doesnt help that both gowther and arthur are red units that can take out green escanor easily.

My opinion: Green one is better as he is standalone unit. You can put him in most teams, he doesn’t have to be the star unit of the team. He excels in what he does, if you are lucky you can get his ulti in 1 turn. Red one is amazing unit. But he needs tram built around him. He needs to be the one doing the most work in his team. Also in my opinion there will be way more useful red units in than green units in the future, and that’s a reason why green escanor is more valuable as a unit.