Red Demon Guide and Strategy 7DSGC

Red Demon Strategy Guide 7DSGC

Hello friends, do you want to kill Red Demon easily? Read this Red Demon Guide and strategy Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

We’d like to share The Red Demon Strategyfor getting lots of Limit Break materials.

Red Demon Strategy Guide

Red Demon’s Main Strength

  • When Red Demon uses “Hell Protect” and assumes its stance, he decreases damage taken by 30% for 3 turns.
  • Since it is a Strength Attribute, it’s weak against Speed Heroes and strong against HP Heroes.
  • It’ll be in your favor to incapacitate the Red Demon through debuffs such as Petrify, Freeze, and Stun before he can use “Hell Protect.”.
  • When Red Demon assumes its “Hell Protect” stance, it will avoid taking a lot of damage.

Main Strategy

  • Since the Red Demon doesn’t have any CC immunity, you want to use petrify, freeze, or stun skills at the end of your turn to make sure the demon is incapacitated on its turn.
  • The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy King can remove Red Demon’s Ignite debuff and recover HP.
  • Ban is the “Strong” character against Red Demon and reduces damage received by 30% thanks to their story ties.
  • [Knight of Ice] Holy Knight Gustav can Freeze and The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy King can Petrify.
  • Red Demon will reduce his damage received if he takes his stance, but Overpower Hunter Slater can remove stances! 
  • Use skills with effects like Freeze or Petrify to end your turn to skip Red Demon’s attack phase! 

Red Demon Recommended Heroes 

How to Acquire the Recommended Heroes

Red Demon Recommended Decks

[SR Heroes Team]

[SSR Heroes Team]

*If you haven’t gotten these Heroes yet, [The Seven Deadly Sins] Captain Meliodas has strong base damage and inflicts [Stun] so that you can skip the Red Demon’s attack phase. 

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