Ragnarok V Returns Maintenance June 30th 2022

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I’m happy to introduce new game contents through second Update on June 30. The contents are to play more entertaining and I am going to notice more features when they are ready.
Please be aware that the schedule may be subject to change. We will let you know if any schedule changed.

Ragnarok V Returns Maintenance June 30th 2022

■ Update contents

1. Blessing of Baldur
– Stats compensation system for all guild members.
– The stats are attributed within the guild, so if you leave the guild, the stats acquired through the guild will disappear.
– The guild leader can improve the stats by spend guild points.
ex) If a guild leader spends guild points to increase the ability of one of the Blessing of Baldur, the same increase in ability occurs for all guild members in that guild.

2. Guild donate
– You can donate items to the guild donation NPC.
– At 12AM GMT every day, the list of items and quantity that can be donated will be updated.
– The guild leader and the guild member will get compensation for the donation when proceeding donation.
– As a reward for donation, you can increase the stats which is belong to your character.

3. Failure of Combination & Craft
– Failure rate apply when manufacturing, dismantling, or synthesizing the equipment, the cards, and the cooking.

4 The final strike
– When hunting monsters, rewards are only given to a user who succeed in the last attack.
– After hunting monsters in a party, EXPs and Zenys are equally distributing to each party member, but items are randomly given to one of them.
– The quest items are the same as before.

5. Costs added when removing a card
– You will spend costs when removing a card equipped.
– The costs of card removal are depending on a card tier.

6. The spawn changed when a field boss monster appears.
– The numbers of spawning the field boss has been changed on a map from 10 to 4 times in a day.
– However, if there are more than two types of field bosses in a world, at least one field boss will be spawned two times in a day.

7. Item drops
– You will acquire better rewards when you get hunted a field Boss.
– Rewards in Party/Guild dungeon are same as before.
– It will be harder to acquire Zeny and equipment than before in a field.

8. Level
– The level extends to 100

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