Ragnarok Origin SEA Announces Closed Beta Test

Good News, Ragnarok Origin SEA Announces Closed Beta Test. This is information from the official website Ragnarok Origin SEA.

Ragnarok Origin SEA Announces Closed Beta Test 1

Ragnarok Origin Closed Beta Info

Time: 3/2 10:00 to 3/22 23:59 (GMT+7)

CBT Participation Details:

– Join the official Discord server to obtain the APK or PC client download address;

– This CBT is limited to the first 20,000 registered players who registered on the APK or PC Client;

– Players who participated in CBT will receive an exclusive in-game title and stand a chance to win Ragnarok Origin merchandise once OBT starts;

– Players who top up their account through our payment channels will receive Nyan Berries as rewards once OBT starts;

– Users will need to login using the same account they used to register in order to receive their top up amount and rewards.

– Game data will be wiped after CBT end;

Classic Jobs System

As one of Ragnarok Online’s most iconic features, Ragnarok Origin has inherited the Job system. Upon reaching Lv.10, you can select one of six jobs according to your preferences. Each Job has different play styles and strengths to ensure every player finds a job suitable to them.

In addition, you will be able to advance your Job once you reach the designated level. Job advancement will not only improve your combat effectiveness, but will also make players more specialized in certain areas and enrich the gameplay.

Guild System

Since Ragnarok Online was one of the earliest social-driven MMOs, Ragnarok Origin has made great efforts to help players make friends and interact with each other through the in-depth guild system. Various mechanics are designed to help players create guilds and meet their social needs.

Rich guild gameplay allows you to participate in guild wars with your friends, reliving the glory days of fighting side by side. Moreover, you can invite others to dance at guild banquets in the evenings to establish and deepen your bonds! There are also preparations before the banquet, fulfilling your wish to make a loving dinner with your guild mates.

Immersive Gameplay

Apart from the classic Jobs system and social features, Ragnarok Origin has also added features to improve immersion through environment interactions. In addition to fishing, objects such as chairs, rock walls, and ladders are no longer just for aesthetics. Players can now sit on benches with their friends, climb up walls, and enjoy the fun of exploring the world more freely.

Ragnarok Origin has also optimized the cumbersome and lengthy quest system with more compelling and challenging mechanics for an even greater sense of adventure. This will reduce the player’s time spent on grinding, presenting more opportunities to interact with others, create parties to tackle challenging dungeons, and to make friends who share in their love of RO.

Ragnarok Origin will officially begin pre-registration in the near future. For more details, please follow the official Facebook and Discord links below:

Facebook (Global): https://roo.pub/3XKG8lr

Discord Server: https://roo.pub/3kceL64

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