Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide

Hello friends, if you want to try play Ragnarok Begin but didn’t know where to start then you should read this Ragnarok Begin Newbie Guide first. Lets get started.

Ragnarok Begins is a side-scrolling MMORPG set in the early years of Midgard, precisely 100 years before the events of Ragnarok Online, where in a feud between Odin’s worshippers and Freya’s worshippers are ongoing.

Skills and Items Ragnarok Begins

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To access the Skill menu, tap the Skill icon or you can simply press the ‘K’ key. Here, you can view the Skill information and manage the leveling up of your skills. You can also designate the skills that you want to use in the Skill slot at the bottom.

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 2

To access the Inventory menu, tap the Inventory icon or you can simply press the ‘I’ key. Here, you can check the items that you have obtained. You can also add consumable items in the easy access bar at the bottom.

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 3

After adding your consumable items in the easy access bar, you can activate it immediately by clicking the Auto-Use icon, which you can set its criteria in the Auto Controls menu, through the Game Settings.

Dungeon Ragnarok Begin

To enter the dungeon, you should speak with the NPC at the entrance of that dungeon. Entering one will consume one dungeon entry and you are allowed to try dungeons 5 times a day. You can also check dungeon information through the NPC as well but you use the Auto-Search Party function. Select solo or party before entering and if ‘party’ is chosen, the party leader must first create the party and then enter. Note that if the party is successful with their attempt in the dungeon and wants to go again, all of them must come out before re-entering.

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 4

There are various dungeon difficulty levels and depending on your base level, you may be restricted from entering some of them. The Normal level dungeons can be depending on your Base Level. While for the Hell level dungeons, your Base Level must be 100 or more. The rewards that you can obtain in the dungeon depends on its level of difficulty.

Minimap and Worldmap Ragnarok Begins

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 5

In the upper right corner of your screen, you can see the default sized minimap that you can click or press the ‘M’ key to check its enlarged version and field information. You can learn about NPCs/users/warp zones and auto-move to them after enlarging it. You can also zoom it in and out.

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Aside from the minimap, there’s also the worldmap that you can access through the enlarged minimap. Click the Map icon at the bottom of the enlarged minimap to check field information, check the entry route and the appropriate level for each field. You can also check the information of each monster deployed on the field as well as the quest goal points. Expanding the world map will allow you to see all the field names.

Add to that, moving through fields that you have not visited before is possible through the worldmap. Teleporting using the Eagle’s Wing Feather is also doable here but you cannot teleport to unvisited fields.

Field Boss Ragnarok Begins

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At certain times, powerful field boss monsters spawn all at the same time in all channels. You can check them in the ‘Auto-Search Party’ Field Boss menu. The Field boss spawn time differs per each monster and to know when it will appear, a counter will appear next to the minimap. To defeat the boss monster, parties are encouraged and various rewards can be obtained when attacking. To see where each boss spawns, you can see it on the Auto-Search Party menu screen and if the spawned field boss has already been defeated in one channel, it will disappear from other channels. All parties and individuals that have contributed a lot in defeating the boss monster will receive special rewards. All players that have participated will also get rewards.

Collect Ragnarok Begins

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Collecting ore can be done by consuming a Pickaxe item that can be obtained from quests and monsters.. The ores that can be collected are Oridecon Ore and Elunium Ore, be it by fragments or the whole ore. Of course, if you want to collect a high-grade ore, you should use a high-grade pickaxe item. After you have acquired one, you can then collect high-grade Elunium ore and high-grade Oridecon ore. A high-grade pickaxe item can be acquired from field bosses.

Cooking Ragnarok Begins

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Your House cooking tools will allow you to make food using the cooking ingredients that you have, which can be acquired through field hunting and Poring Isle. The cooking-related furniture that you can create meals on have three types and each type gives a different effect to your character for a limited time. For pan, it increases some general stats. For pot, it increases basic/combat stats. For chopping board, it increases efficiency of basic/combat abilities.

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To level up your characters’ cooking skill level, there are cooking level promotion quests that can be accessed through the NPC Chef Gordon in Prontera Market. Once a certain skill level has been achieved in one of the cooking tools, a cooking level promotion quest opens that when completed, it increases the level of your character.

Control Ragnarok Begins

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 11

Using the keyboard arrows, you can move through left/right/up/down. Also, you can move

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 12

To deal a normal attack, use the ‘Z’ key (Predefined). To jump, use the ‘X’ key (Predefined). You can change the binded key in the settings menu.

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 13

When you press the ‘ESC’ key, the Game Settings will appear wherein you can change the keyboard shortcuts through the Key Bindings menu.

Interaction Ragnarok Begins

To interact with others in the game, be it NPCs, objects, and more, just press the ‘Space Bar’ or the Interaction icon when you’re in front of them. With NPCs, you’ll be able to check information, use NPC functions, and proceed with quests. With objects, you’ll be able to collect it and achieve quest conditions.

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 14

With other users, you can check their information. However, with dead users, their information cannot be checked but you can resurrect them using Yggdrasil Leaves. Using the functions of your furniture at your house can also be done by using the ‘Space Bar’ or the Interaction icon. But if you changed your mind and decided not to go through with interacting with either of those mentioned above, then you can cancel it by pressing the jump key.

Emotes and Emoticons Ragnarok Begins

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 15

To express emotions, there are emotes and emoticons that you can acquire by finishing side quests. Adding it to your inventory will allow you to use them. To view your available emotes/emoticons, click the Emote/Emoticon icon next to the chat window. Note that Emotes are characters that express emotions with body actions while Emoticons are emotions expressed through speech bubbles next to your character’s head.

Kafra Ragnarok Begins

Kafra NPCs can be found in major villages and main fields of each region. Talking to one of them will automatically register the field that the Kafra is located into the Teleport Service list. To instantly move to a saved location in the Teleport Service list, you have to spend Zeny.

Ragnarok Begins Newbie Guide 16

If you want to save a certain location in the region, you can use Save Waypoint and moving into one of the saved Waypoints can be done using the Butterfly Wings. You will also be moved into the saved Waypoint when you die while playing.

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