Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide

Hello friends, right now we want to share another Ragnarok Begins Guide. You can read another Ragnarok Begins guide in the link below. Allright, here it is Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide.

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Ragnarok Begins Main Quest

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 1

The main quests contain the global scope and main story of the game, that’s why it’s accepted by default. Depending on your level, you can start the main quest but sometimes that will not be the case since some main quests need a higher base level. Once the main quest is started, it cannot be abandoned.

Ragnarok Begins Side Quest

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 2

There are also side quests that you can complete. Containing separate stories, these quests can be started if you are at or above the base level needed. You should also meet its other conditions required to play it. Special items will be acquired once completed. Side quests can be abandoned midway.

Ragnarok Begins Daily Quest

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 3

In the village’s mission noticeboard, you can accept bounty quests, which are updated depending on your base level. You can complete several daily quests before getting your reward as it can be accumulated. Daily quests can be abandoned midway.

Ragnarok Begins Dungeon

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 4

Speaking to the NPC outside the entrance of the dungeon will give you access to the dungeon. One dungeon entry will be reduced when you enter the dungeon. You are allowed to enter it 5 times a day. Dungeon information is available through the NPC as well as in the Auto-Search Party function. You can enter solo or as a party. If you chose the latter, the party leader must create the party before entering. If you and your party want to go again after your successful attempt, all the party members must come out first before re-entering.

The dungeon has various difficulty levels and depending on your base level, you may be restricted from entering some of them. The Normal level dungeons can be entered depending on your Base Level. While for the Hell level dungeons, your Base Level must be at 100 or more. The rewards that you can obtain in the dungeon depends on its level of difficulty.

Ragnarok Begins Endless Tower

Speak to the NPC Ailock located in the North Dock of Izlude to enter the Endless Tower. You can enter by yourself or with your party. The rewards that you can obtain here can be Zeny or refining materials.

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 5

The Endless Tower for solo consists of up to 6 floors. You can obtain higher EXP from monsters here. Re-entry is not allowed after you’re done here. Wait until the reset. The Endless Tower for a party consists of up to 30 floors. For every 10 floors completed, the item grades of each reward increases. You can re-enter with your party even if the reset is yet to take place.

Endless Tower resets after a certain period of time. For the Solo tower, it resets every day at 00:00. For the Party tower, it resets every Monday at 12:00 noon. After the reset, the challenge will begin again starting from the 1st floor.

Ragnarok Begins Status

To develop your character, you will have to increase the values of its stat. To do so, your base level should rise so that you will gain stats points needed for character growth.

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 6

Tap the Character icon in the upper left corner of your screen to access the Stats menu. Pressing the ‘N’ will also take you there. Raise the number of your desired Stats or you can follow the recommended option to develop your character.

There are 6 stats in total and they are as follows:

  • VIT: Influences damage reduction and HP
  • STR: Influences physical damage and defense
  • AGI: Influences speed and physical defense
  • INT: Influences magic damage and defense and MP
  • DEX: Influences accuracy and casting speed
  • LUK: Influences critical hit and amplification rates

Ragnarok Begins Adventure Index

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 7

Tap the Adventure Index icon to access the Stats menu. Pressing the ‘L’ will also take you there. The Adventure Index buffs are shared among the characters in your account, which are also maintained during the creation of a new character. To get various buffs, you can upgrade your characters to develop your Adventure Index.

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 8

Complete achievements through the Adventure Index. The list of achievements can be checked in it as well. Adventure Index EXP can be obtained when you complete each achievement.

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 9

To obtain titles, you have to complete special achievements during gameplay. Check in the Adventure Index for the list of titles. Different stat buffs will be granted to your character upon acquisition. Note that all title buffs are cumulative and you don’t have to equip all of it to gain stat buff benefits. The titles that you want to equip will be in the Character Info menu.

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 10

There are items that you can inscribe to obtain additional buffs. These are available in the Adventure Index and once consumed, the inscribed item will disappear. The items that you can inscribe are card and costume items only. Inscribing will provide you an increase in certain stats. Note that all stat points gained from inscribing are cumulative

Ragnarok Begins Levelling Guide 11

Points gained through the Adventure Index will also help you in raising your adventurer level, which will also increase your Adventurer Grade in tiers. EXP is gained by completing achievements, titles, equipment acquisition, Monster Manual completion, etc. Adventure Livelihood points can be acquired when you level up your Adventure Index. When you reach a certain Adventure Index level, you can complete a quest to increase your Adventurer Grade and once you have increased your Adventurer Grade, you can obtain Adventure Combat skills

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