Ragnarok Begins Character Guide

Hello friends, before this post we already learn the basic how to play Ragnarok Begins. Right now we are going to learn Ragnarok Character Guide. Lest get started!

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Ragnarok Begins is a side-scrolling MMORPG set in the early years of Midgard, precisely 100 years before the events of Ragnarok Online, wherein a feud between Odin’s worshippers and Freya’s worshippers are ongoing.

Ragnarok Begins Stamina

Ragnarok Begins Character Guide 1

Stamina is the energy that you use each day. If all Stamina has been consumed, you cannot obtain items, EXP, and Zeny from monsters in the normal field. You can acquire 1000 Stamina per day and if you want more, you can acquire additional Stamina from Town and Housing Stamina furniture. If the daily Stamina is not used, it will be accumulated into the next day. Note that the Stamina limit is 3000, any amount more than that will not be restored. Add to that, if your Stamina has been depleted, you can still obtain items but the chances are decreased to 1/5.

Ragnarok Begins Rest Bonus

Ragnarok Begins Character Guide 2

If you’re away from the game, there’ll be rest bonuses that will be given to you. During that time, you can obtain double Base and Job EXP/Zeny/items. For an hour away, you’ll be given a rest bonus of 100. The maximum is 400. The icon will disappear after you have consumed it. Quest items are excluded.

Ragnarok Begins Character Status

Through the Character icon in the upper left corner of your screen, you can access the Stats menu or you can simply press the ‘N’ key. You can either raise the stats that you desire or use the recommendation option to develop your character.

Ragnarok Begins Character Guide 3

There are 6 stats in total and increasing the values of each one of them will develop your character. They are as follows:

  • VIT: Influences damage reduction and HP
  • STR: Influences physical damage and defense
  • AGI: Influences speed and physical defense
  • INT: Influences magic damage and defense and MP
  • DEX: Influences accuracy and casting speed
  • LUK: Influences critical hit and amplification rates

Ragnarok Begins Strengthen Slot

Ragnarok Begins Character Guide 4

After entering the Inventory menu, you can access the Strengthen slot, which you can strengthen up to the number of your current base level. Even without equipment, you can still strengthen the slots. Note that the unequipped equipment does not influence the slot enhancement effect and each part has a differing slot enhancement effects.

Ragnarok Begins Adventure Skill

Ragnarok Begins Character Guide 5

With each grade achieved in the Adventure Index, you can acquire adventure battle skills that all have combat-related effects. These skills are passive/active skills. You can pick one skill per Adventurer Grade to use and you can increase them after finishing Adventurer Grade quests. To reset, use the adventure skill reset items.

Ragnarok Begins Character Guide 6

By advancing your Adventure Index level, there are points that will be given to you which can be used to acquire adventure livelihood skills. These skills are those that will give you additional support effects outside of combat such as increased inventory space, faster collecting, and more items added to stalls. However, the points required to acquire these skills depends on the level of your livelihood skill.

Ragnarok Begins Character Death and Resurrection

There are different resurrection conditions when a character dies during gameplay. Depending on the circumstances, you can either revive your character by normal field resurrection or resurrection in other fields.

Ragnarok Begins Character Guide 7

For normal field resurrection, there are three types that you can choose from. You can choose waypoint resurrection, which are bases that you have saved through Kafra where you can be received without using an item, however, your HP is not restored. Instant resurrection is when you use Yggdrasil Seed to resurrect at point of death with your HP restored. You can also be resurrected by other users by using Yggdrasil Leaves. However, resurrection differs when you’re in PvP or dungeons.

Ragnarok Begins Character Customization

Ragnarok Begins Character Guide 8

Changing your character’s appearance is possible through the Customization function. Locate the NPC Andree Kim, a Prontera merchant, then you can change the hair/hair color/face of your character using required consumable materials. Ask the NPC what materials are needed for this action. After the change has been made, the character’s former appearance will disappear.

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