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Hello friends, as you maybe already know that Ragnarok Begin West officially released on 15th Novembet 2022 for USA and Canada Region on Android and iOS plaftporm, and open globally on PC. Visit this link if you want to play on PC Ragnarok Begin West Download.

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Download Ragnarok Begin West Page

How to play Ragnarok Begin West on PC

The first step to play Ragnarok Begin West on PC is to download the client from the link we provide above, after you done download the client install the client and path it up to the lastest update.

The second step you must create an account from the link we provide above.

The last step to play Ragnarok Begin West is you start the game from the website by clicking the “Game Start” button on the top right of the website.

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How to play Ragnarok Begin West on Android/iOS outside USA/Canada

Ragnarok Begin West officially launched for USA and Canada regions for android and IOS platform. But, you can play it from outside that region using android or IOS. How? lets get started.

The first step is you must use USA or Canada VPN to be able download the game from the app store. You use whatever USA or Canada VPN you like. Turn on the VPN.

The second step is you must clear the data storage from Playstore or Appstore. it will reset the app so it can detect USA or Canada region when you open the app.

Last step is open the Playstore or Appstore, then change the user account with the new account you have. after that search fro “Ragnarok Begin” in the search bar, then Download.

If you facing a problem while following the tutorial how to download Ragnarok Begin West you can chat us on our media socials.

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