PvP Guide Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Beginner PvP Guide to the “Meta”Guide

New Player Guide to PVP Basics

PVP Basics

  • There are two forms of pvp – Geared Pvp and Gearless Pvp.
  • All players start with Gearless PvP and only unlock Geared PvP at gold rank.
  • Gearless PVP provides Gems as rewards weekly and Geared PvP gives Festival Coins weekly.
  • Festival coins are used to purchase weapons to improve stats on your characters or anvils to change gear substat rolls of SSR / UR equipment.

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PVP Strategies

There are 3 Main PVP Strategies that players use in PVP to consistently beat the majority of their opponents.

PVP meta’s change weekly in top rank PVP but stay fairly consistent in the lower ranks as players have a smaller box to work with.

Ultimate Push Strategy

This team is based heavily around getting your ultimate on Turn 1-2

To Achieve this Use *Coin Shop(CS) Merlin* and *Ultimate Gauge Increase Food*

The other 3 members of your team vary between:

| CS King | Red Helbram | CS Gowther | CS Diane | Blue Liz (100 Day) | Green Skinny King |

Skill Nuke Strategy

This team is based around starting 1st and killing 1 or more of your opponents in turn 1.

This can be achieved by using high damage single target or multi target characters and 1-2 supporting characters

Usually atk / pen / cp / avoid food is used for these teams.

Typical combinations include:

| Blue Demon Meliodas | Red or Green Escanor | Blue Lilia | Green Lizhawk | Red Howzer | CS Ban | Green Diane (Hammer) |

Tank & Counter Nuke Strategy

These team’s vary widely and have been different variations throughout the game

They rely heavily on ultimates to deal damage but negate almost all incoming damage.

Usually Def / Pat(End) / Avoid / Hp food is used for these teams.

Teams typically include:

| Valenti | Green Gilthunder | Green Lilia | CS Merlin | Green Griamore

| Deldry | Red Griamore | Galland | Green Diane (Gloves) | Red Skinny King|

Counter Builds / Strategies

Effectiveness though varies on team to team and can vary whether you win on CP or Lose on CP. Typically though as far as advantages go this structure seems to hold true.

Nuke Teams > Ultimate teams

Tank Teams > Nuke Teams

Ultimate Teams > Tank Teams

There are many hybrid builds and offshoot teams that take 1 or more of these strategies and make pvp fun! I hope this helps you understand how teams work a bit more. Happy grinding!

Credit: reddit.