Project Ragnarok Netease New MMORPG Based on Norse Mythology

Hello Friends, did you know NetEase? The giant of the mobile games industry. According to Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partnersvia Twitter today NetEase revealed its new AAA RPG title Project Ragnarok.

The new game is based on Norse mythology, and the game will be set to be open-world for mobile and PC also consoles too.

Daniel Ahmad said “The aim is to balance traditional Chinese MMO style gameplay with premium AAA gameplay to appeal to a global audience,”

“NetEase is traditionally known for Chinese MMO style experiences on PC so will be interesting to see the evolution to triple-A style PC games.”

Project Ragnarok Netease New MMORPG Based on Norse Mythology 1

It was also mentioned that Project: Ragnarök will greatly reduce the number of repeatable daily quests, with a focus on one-time challenging events.

“Player freedom” is actually a core design concept, though we think that at this point of time the term is overused and under fulfilled.

The footage shared shows off some of the game’s combat and Assassin’s Creed-like platforming.

It all looks incredibly showy, though I imagine what we’re seeing in action is a sort of proof of concept as opposed to genuine gameplay.

Still, if anyone has the money and expertise to pull off a project such as this, it’s NetEase.

The second trailer shared by Ahmad highlights the game’s open-world setting and a bit more of the platforming.

It’s interesting to see multiple Norse mythology-inspired games release/be announced in such close proximity to one another.

NetEase’s 520 conferences is scheduled for later today, so here’s to hoping we’ll learn a bit more about what will no doubt become one of the most hotly anticipated mobile RPGs to date.

There is no beta test scheduled yet for Project: Ragnarök, so stay tuned!

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