Pet Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution guide about Pet for new players. Pets are adorable friends who give a boost to character stats, special stats (Buffs), and Stamina.
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What is a pet?

1) Summon and equip a pet to apply its stats to your character.
2) Pet Menu

 ① From the main screen, navigate to [Menu] → [Items] → [Pets] to view the menu.

 ② The currently summoned pet can be seen by navigating to [Character Info] → [Pets]. 

Pet Stats

1) Pet Stats
 – A pet’s stats vary depending on name, grade, and nickname.

2) Pet Nickname
 – Pets with the same name can have different special stats depending on their nicknames.

3) Stamina Consumption Decrease Effect
 – Every pet has a buff that decreases stamina consumption.

4) Pet Summon Effect
 ① When you summon a pet, its stats, special stats, and stamina consumption reduction effect are applied to your character.

 ② When the Pet Pod Meter reaches 0, the stats, special stats, and stamina consumption reduction effect are removed.

♠ Pets can be shared with other characters you’ve created on the same server.

Pet Management

1) Managing Pets 

 ① View your currently summoned pet or a selected pet’s information.

 ② View a list of all the pets you own and their information.

 ③ Summon a pet by selecting it and tapping Summon.

     Selecting a pet that’s already been summoned displays the Unsummon button.

     Tap this button to cancel the summon.

 ④ Move to the shop where you can purchase pets.

 ⑤ Tap the Use button below the Pet Pod Meter to charge it using Pet Pods.

 ⑥ Set the pet to the desired slot to easily switch to them by navigating to [Character Info] → [Pets]

2) Managing the Pet Pod Meter

 ① Pet Pod Meter Consumption: Tapping an enemy while a pet is summoned depletes its Pet Pod Meter.

 ② Charging the Pet Pod Meter: The amount that is charged in the Pet Pod Meter depends on the pet’s grade.

 ③ How to Get Pet Pods: Purchase them from the Pet Shop, Clan Shop, or get them by chance upon failing Pet Upgrade.

  (1) Charging the Pet Pod Meter: Inventory
   – Use a Pet Pod in your inventory to fill your currently summoned pet’s Pet Pod Meter. 

  (2) Charging the Pet Pod Meter: Pet Management Menu
   – Use Pet Pods by navigating to [Menu] → [Character] → [Pets] → [Manage].
   – Use Pet Pods directly on your currently summoned pet by navigating to [Character Info] → [View Equipment] → [Pets]. 

 (3) Charging the Pet Pod Meter: Automatic Charge
   – Set Auto-Use settings from the Mini Bag in the main menu
     to automatically charge your current pet’s Pet Pod Meter when it drops below 10%. 

Pet Upgrade

1) Pet Upgrade Screen 

 ① You can select 3 to 6 pets.
     There’s a higher chance to get high-grade pets the more pets you select.
     Pets that are used as upgrade material will be consumed to get 1 pet.

 ② View the list of all the pets you own.

 ③ Removes all pets selected as upgrade material.

 ④ Automatically registers pets starting from the lowest grade.

# Pet Upgrade Materials

 – You must register 3 to 6 pets of the same grade to upgrade a pet.
 – The upgrade success rate increases the more pets you register.
 – Use Auto-Register to automatically select pets starting from the lowest grade.

2) Successfully Upgrading a Pet
 – Get a pet of higher grade than the pets used as upgrade material.

3) Failing to Upgrade a Pet.

 – If you fail to upgrade a pet, you can randomly get a pet or pet pod of the same grade with a different nickname or type.

 – If you fail to upgrade a pet higher than Rare grade, you can get a Pet Aura.

 – Pet Aura is used as material to craft Heroic Pet Chests and Legendary Pet Chests. 

   Craft them through the General Merchant in the village.

Pet Fusion

1) Pet Fusion

 ① Use Pet Fusion to change an unwanted option or type at random.

 ② Fusion requires 1 pet you wish to change and 1 pet you wish to use as material.

 ③ Fusion allows you to select to change either the Special Option or appearance.

2) Change Special Option

 – When selecting Change Special Option, only the special option will change. The pet selected as material is irrelevant.

3) Change Appearance

 ① Selecting Change Appearance changes the pet’s type.

 ② Even pets of the same grade have different base stats depending on type.

 ③ The pet will be changed to a type different from the pet selected to be changed and the pet selected as material.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

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