OX Quiz Answer Ragnarok X Next Generation

Hello friends, this is OX Quiz answer Ragnarok X Next Generation. You can get a lot of base experience and job experience when you can answer all the 12 questions correctly.

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A legendary king of the past lived in seclusion in the mountainous city of Payon.True (O)
A Magnolia is the vengeful spirit of a cracked Pecopeco Egg.True (O)
A soccer team can have 11 players on the field.True (O)
Thick glass is more likely to crack than a thin one when hot water is poured into it during the winter.True (O)
Acolyte’s skill [Blessing] increases STR, DEX, and INT.True (O)
After using Aspersio, the attribute of the target’s normal attacks will be changed to Holy.True (O)
After using Magnum Break, the attributes of normal attacks will be changed to Fire.True (O)
Any class can rent a Falcon as long as they meet the condition.False (X)
Any class can rent a Pecopeco mount as long as they meet the conditions.False (X)
Apples are the sweetest at the bottom.False (X)
Archer’s skill [Double Strafe] is a passive skill.False (X)
Archer’s skill [Double Strafe] is an active skill.True (O)
Arielle has a superb sense of balance because she has a well-developed cerebrum.False (X)
As the guild level increases, the maximum number of members increases too.True (O)
At the Exchange Center, after an item is sold for Diamonds, you can earn an equivalent amount of Crystals corresponding to the Diamonds deducted after tax.True (O)
Attack Speed (ASPD) and Final Attack Speed (Final ASPD) are different stats.True (O)
Bows deal 100% damage to Medium and Small monsters.True (O)
Clouds and Mist are essentially the same substance.True (O)
Crit and Final Crit are the same stat.False (X)
Crocodiles can walk backward.True (O)
Daggers deal 100% damage to Small monsters.True (O)
Damage dealt by magic attacks is affected by the target’s size.False (X)
Dodge and Final Dodge are the same stat.False (X)
Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide.True (O)
During summer, mirages appear at the seaside of Izlude Island.True (O)
Eating a big meal affects your hearing.True (O)
Every day at 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM, you can gain additional Odin’s Blessing points at Prontera.True (O)
Geffen is located in the northwest of Prontera.True (O)
Humans share 50% of our DNA with bananas.True (O)
Hunters can rent a Falcon as long as they meet the conditions.True (O)
In RO lore, the giant that created the world is Ymir.True (O)
Increasing Agility (AGI) increases– Attack Speed (ASPD)– Dodge (Flee).True (O)
Increasing Dexterity (DEX) Increases– Ranged Physical Attack (ATK)– Vigor (Haste)– Hit.True (O)
Increasing Intelligence (INT) Increases– Max SP– Magic Attack (MATK)– Magic Defense (MDEF).True (O)
Increasing Luck (LUK) increases– Physical Attack (ATK)– Crit (CRT)– Anti-Crit.True (O)
Increasing Strength (STR) Increases– Physical Attack (ATK)– Weight Limit.True (O)
Increasing Vitality (VIT) increases– Max HP– Physical Defense (DEF)True (O)
Izlude is located in the southeast of Prontera.True (O)
Indonesia’s country calling code is +62.True (O)
Kafra Service Employees can only be found in Prontera.False (X)
Knights can rent a Pecopeco mount as long as they meet the conditions.True (O)
Koko from Payon grinds her teeth at night because she has zinc deficiency.True (O)
Legends say that there is an unethical coal tycoon at Mjolnir named Feng Yin.True (O)
Lotus root is the root of a lotus.False (X)
Mage’s skill [Increase SP Recovery] increases their SP Regen.True (O)
Mage’s skill [Zen] increases their SP Regen.True (O)
The Moonlight flower has yellow pupils.False (X)
Novice’s skill [First Aid] recovers their HP.True (O)
Novice’s skill [Play Dead] clears the threat.True (O)
Once Maya activates Defensive Stance, Ranged classes should boost their DPS to break the shield.False (X)
One-Handed Swords deal 100% damage to Large and Medium monsters.False (X)
One-Handed Swords deal 100% damage to Medium monsters.True (O)
Panacea can cure most negative effects.True (O)
Payon is located in the southeast of Prontera.True (O)
Pencil lead is made using graphite.True (O)
Poison attacks increase damage toward all attributes.False (X)
Ragnarok Online is a game adapted from a comic.True (O)
RO’s full name is Regolark Online.False (X)
RO’s story is set in Midgard.True (O)
Sharks are born from eggs.False (X)
Spears deal 100% damage to Large monsters.True (O)
Swordsman’s skill [Increase Recuperative Power] increases their HP Regen and SP Regen.False (X)
Swordsmen can rent a Pecopeco mount as long as they meet the conditions.False (X)
Talyn feels warmed up because he ate too many lychees.True (O)
The amount of holes in a round of golf is 18.True (O)
The biggest land animal is an elephant.True (O)
The brain is the fattiest organ. It is comprised of approximately 60% fat.True (O)
The captain in charge of Sea Teleport on Izlude Island is Carew.True (O)
The closest planet to the sun is Mars.False (X)
The closest planet to the sun is Mercury.True (O)
The color black absorbs all seven colors of the sunlight.True (O)
The desert city of Morroc is heaven for knights.False (X)
The Falcon is exclusive to Hunters.True (O)
The handsome captain of the Kafra Guards has the nickname, Remy.True (O)
The honeycomb cells that Mistress makes are circular.False (X)
The interior angles of a square always equal 180 degrees.True (O)
The Kafra Maids know this trick of removing the burnt smell of rice by adding a few drops of vinegar into it.True (O)
The Kitty Girl in Foulan Tavern has a sensitive tongue, so she never eats hot food.True (O)
The lightest element is hydrogen.True (O)
The main function of the windmill at the Prontera West Gate is to drain water.True (O)
The measure of speed for a boat is a Knot.True (O)
The Monster Investigator is losing their sense of smell because their liver is failing.False (X)
The most abundant organisms in the ocean are mutant piranhas.False (X)
The Philippines’ country calling code is +63.True (O)
The respawn times for MVP and Mini are the same.False (X)
The Thailand country calling code is +66.True (O)
The world capital with the longest name in Bangkok.True (O)
There is a lovely New Student Academy Recruiter in Prontera, named Kiki.True (O)
There was a kingdom of magic beneath the surface of Geffen.True (O)
Thief’s skill [Double Attack] can be used when equipped with Daggers.True (O)
Two-Handed Swords deal 100% damage to Large monsters.True (O)
Two-Handed Swords deal 100% damage to Medium monsters.False (X)
Drake’s Crow can stand on its right or left shoulder.False (X)
When searching for items to buy a shop, you can only open each shop to search individually.False (X)
White poppies represent remembrance.True (O)
White roses represent first love.False (X)
Ygnizem class changed into Swordsman.True (O)
You can reduce the variable channeling time of skills by increasing your Vigor (VIG).True (O)
You can sit on the long benches at Prontera South Gate as long as you want.False (X)
You cannot sneeze with your eyes open.True (O)
You must be at a party to enter the Endless Tower.True (O)

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