New Server Events BnS Revolution

Hello friends, as you know there will be a new Summoner class on 25 June 2020. and for celebrating that Blade and Soul Revolution opening new servers and various events.

Lets check the event below.

In celebration of the New Summoner Class launching on 06/25 (Thursday), we are opening new servers

and hosting a variety of events to speed up the growth of our new and returning users.

For starters, the login event is waiting for you. You are able to claim yourHeroic Equipment Chest by simply logging in each day for 7 days. 

In addition to that, we have also prepared the Returning Player Exclusive Buff event, a buff that will increase the drop rate on items and Silver, as well as increasing the maximum weight you can carry!

What a perfect time to begin your adventure in B&SR!

Carpe Diem!

New Server Events BnS Revolution 1

1. Bonus XP on the New Servers

▶ Event Period

 – After 06/25(Thursday) update – Until the 08/04 (Tuesday) server maintenance.

▶ Details

 – Users who create a new character in a new server during the event period will receive a 20% bonus XP.

※ The Training Ground and Dungeon are excluded from the list of Bonus Time Fields

※ In the event that the Bonus Time is not applied due to the date change, please relocate to another town or log in to the game again.

2. The Returning Player Exclusive Buff Event

▶ Event Period

 – After the 06/25(Thrusday) update – Until the 08/04(Tuesday) server maintenance

▶ Details

 – Buffs will be applied to each returning character during the event period.

 – Buff Effects:  +10% Item Drop Rate, +20% Silver Gain, +500 Maximum Weight

※ The buff for returning users will last for 30 days. The buff effect will end once the player has returned to current player status

※ The returning user is determined by account. 

3. New/Returning Player 7-day Special Check-in Event

▶ Event Period

 – After the 06/25(Thursday) update – Until the 08/04(Tuesday) server maintenance

▶ Details

 – Log in to a new or returning character to claim a reward for each day during the event period.

▶ How to Participate:

 – [Quick Menu] → [Check-in Reward]

▶ Rewards

Check-in DayItems
Day 11 New/Returning Player
Welcome Chest (Lv.1)
Day 2Hajoon’s Soul Shield Set (8-piece)
Day 31,000,000 Silver
Day 4 8 Hajoon’s Material Soul Shields
Day 53 7-day Talisman Sets
(Talisman of Silver/ Talisman of Experience / Talisman of Faction)
Day 62,000,000 Silver
Day 7 1 Heroic Accessory Chest (Hunt)

▶ New/Returning Player Welcome Chest Content

 – Once you have completed the level displayed beneath the New/Returning Player Welcome Chest in your                            inventory and tap it to receive your rewards, which includes the next level of New/Returning Player Welcome Chest.   

Chest LevelContent
11 +500 Inventory Maximum Weight Ticket
1 New/Returning Player Welcome Chest (Lv.4) 
41 Attack type Refined Equipment Full Set (Weapon + Accessory) 
 1 New/Returning Player Welcome Chest (Lv.8)
8 100 Weapon Enhancement Stones, 100 Accessory Enhancement Stones, 500,000 Silver
1 New/Returning Player Welcome Chest( (Lv.16)
16 5 Superior Accessory Chests
 1 New/Returning Player Welcome Chest( (Lv.21)
21200 Forgestones,  50 Fixed Forgestones, 1,000,000 Silver
 1 New/Returning Player Welcome Chest( (Lv.25)
251 Superior Weapon Chest (Hunt)
1 New/Returning Player Welcome Chest (Lv.33)
33100 Accessory Enhancement Stones, 10 Radiant Accessory Enhancement Stones
1 New/Returning Player Welcome Chest (Lv.38) 
38 3 Radiant Superior Accessory Chests
2,000,000 silver
1 New/Returning Player Welcome Chest (Lv.42) 
42 1 Radiant Superior Weapon Chest
100 Accessory Enhancement Stones, 10 Radiant Weapon Enhancement Stones

※ Users who have no login activity for 14 days beginning 00:00 the next day following their last logout are considered to be returning users.

※ The buff for returning users will last for 30 days. The buff effect will end once the player has returned to current player status.

※ The returning user is dertermined by account.

※ The reward will be sent to the inventory.

We look forward to upcoming adventures with all of you and we thank you for your continued support.

As always, we will strive to provide you with the best gaming experience!

Thank you. 

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