New Hero “Sunshine” Holy Knight Escanor 7DSGC


He who shines bright like the sun, Escanor, is finally here!

As expected, “Sunshine” Holy Knight Escanor boasts incredible attack power! Keep reading to learn more!

■ Solar Orbit Pick Up Draw Event

☞ Period: After the 4/26 maintenance – Until 5/12 (To be announced in a separate notice)

☞ Hero Rate Up: “Sunshine” Holy Knight Escanor

*The Pick Up Bonus Gauge fills separately from [Draw Heroes].

*New Heroes will be added to the Coin Shop or Normal Draw in the future.

*Don’t miss out on your chance to max out Escanor!

■ “Sunshine” Holy Knight Escanor

[Ultimate Move: Punishment]

[Combined Attack: Gentleman’s Dignity]

*This chart displays the Basic Stats at UR Lv.60 and does not include Costume stats. The Special Association displays at UR Grade.

Credit: Forum netmarble

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