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A space to view Skills/Level Ups/Passive Skills. Learn skills and perform level-ups to use even more powerful skills.

01. Access Method

☾ Access by tapping the top-right [☰] – [Skill] button on the main screen.

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Skills are divided into [Combat Skills / Continuous Skills]. 

Skills can be obtained as rewards for completing certain quests. Tap an obtained skill to view its details.

02. Combat Skills

☾ Tap the skill then tap the desired slot at the bottom to place the skill in the slot.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 2

Here are some tips!

1. Some skills have conditions where certain pieces of equipment must be equipped in order to use them, and you may not be able to use certain skills when equipped with a different weapon.

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2. On top of consuming MP, certain skills may also require specific material in order to use them. This material can be purchased from a Merchant.

03. Continuous Skills

☾ Continuous skills are skills that always remain in effect.

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04. Skill Level Ups and Upgrades

☾ Skill Books and Gold obtained from adventures and quests can be used as basic material for increasing a skill’s Lv.

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Once a skill reaches Lv. 9, you can spend Essences of Enlightenment and Gold to upgrade it to an even more powerful skill. (ex. Novice ▶ Intermediate)


You can switch jobs of your character using a Job Switch Ticket. However, you cannot switch jobs again for 7 days after you use the ticket to make the job switch so make sure you are careful!

01. Where to Buy

☾ From the main window, go to Shop > Consume > Other to locate a Job Switch Ticket you can purchase.

🛈 The price of Job Switch Ticket is 800 Moonlight Butterflies.

02. Requirements for Purchase and Use

☾ There are two requirements for you to use the item.

  1. You need to be of Lv.100 or above
  2. Can only be used on characters with a job (character without a job cannot purchase this item).

03. Item Description

☾ What is a Job Switch Ticket?

The Job Switch Ticket allows you to change the job of your character once to another job.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 6

[UI window when using Job Switch Ticket]

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 7
Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 8

🛈 Characters without a job cannot use this ticket to change jobs.

🛈 Once used, you cannot use another Job Switch Ticket for 7 days to change the job of your character.

What happens to your statistics after using a Job Switch Ticket?

  1. Any stats that have been upgraded will be reset.
  2. Reset stats will have turned to stat points.

What happens to your skills after using a Job Switch Ticket?

  1. Skills common across jobs will not change in level and remain the same.
  2. Skills exclusive to each job will change to the equivalent skill exclusive to the job you are switching to (skill level reset).
  3. If you convert back to the job you switched from, the skill level and XP will return to the original character. 

What happens to your gear and sculpture after using a Job Switch Ticket?

  1. Gear and sculpture will remain the same without a change in additional boats.

🛈 Note after using a Job Switch Ticket, any equipped gear on your character will be auto-unequipped and you will be sent back to the character selection screen.


Various equipment, cooking, and sculpting items that are needed as you progress through the game can be crafted yourself. As the Crafting Lv. grows, you can craft items of greater value.

01. Crafting Tools 

☾ Crafting tools are located nearby the corresponding NPC in charge of the equipment or cooking. In the World Map, tap the NPC-in-charge to immediately move your character to the NPC-in-charge and the crafting equipment.

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02. Crafting Method 

☾ Tap the ‘Crafting Tool’ to open a ‘Crafting’ screen where you can craft the item yourself.

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Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 11

‘Sculpture’ items can be crafted by request by tapping a Sculptor NPC. (As you progress through the game, you can learn the skills to craft sculptures yourself through quests.)

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 12

03. Crafting Types 

☾ Items that can be crafted include Pieces, Cooking, Weapons, Armor, and more. As you progress through the game, you can collect a wider variety of materials to craft a wide-range of different items.

[Armor Crafting]

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 13

[Weapon Crafting]

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 14

[Alchemy Crafting]

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 15

04. Crafting Lv. Growth

☾ Crafting items have a unique Lv. depending on its type, and the Lv. grows as you craft more items and gain XP. The higher the Lv, the greater the chances of crafting higher value ‘Great Success’ and ‘Fine’ items.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 16

Cooking Lv. can be raised through ‘Culinary Research’. ‘Culinary Research’: Submit up to 4 ingredient materials to attempt a whole new recipe unlike the ones you already know. If successful, you can obtain a new recipe and XP.

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05.Crafted Item Effects

☾ Depending on the crafted item, you may receive additional unique effects when it is used. In the case of ‘Sculptures’, its effects can be further enhanced through ‘Polishing’ after it has been crafted.

‘Cooking’ and ‘Sculptures’ items have additional unique effects depending on the item crafted. Effects for Cooking items last for a certain duration when used, and additional effects for ‘Sculptures’ may be received continuously after they are installed.

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Crafting has a chance to result in a ‘Great Success’, and Great Success items have greater additional effects. Crafting sculptures has a chance to produce ‘Fine, Superb, and Masterpiece’ results, and you can display these sculptures to receive greater effects compared to Average sculptures.

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The grade of crafted sculptures can be upgraded through the ‘Grade Up’ system. Use the Grade Up system to upgrade sculptures from Masterpiece to Transcendent.

Submit Loot items in the Grade Up screen to upgrade a sculpture’s quality. When Max Quality is reached, submit Grade Up materials to perform a Grade Up.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 20


01. What are Sculpture Pieces?

☾ You can further increase your character’s performance by equipping Sculpture Pieces imbued with special stats.

– [≡] ▶ [Sculpture] or [Bag] ▶ [Auxiliary Bag] ▶ [Sculpture].

– You can start using the Sculpture system after reaching Lv. 80.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 21

☾  Sculpture Pieces can be separated into Sunlight Piece (Attack), Moonlight Piece (Defense), and Starlight Piece (Support).

– Each sculpture piece contains distinct stats.

– Sculpture Pieces range from Common (I) to Legendary (V) levels.

– *Starlight Sculpture Piece is to be updated with a future update.

▼ Sculpture Piece Types

[Starlight Piece]

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 22
Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 23

[Moonlight Piece]

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 24
Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 25

02.Equipping Sculpture Pieces

☾ You can equip 2 of each type of Sculpture pieces.

– Starlight pieces will be available with a future update.

– Sculpture pieces with equal stats. and abilities cannot be equipped together.

– You can check the increased stats. when you equip a Sculpture Piece.

– You can always equip and unequip Sculpture Pieces without any restrictions.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 26

03. Sculpture Growth

☾ You can level up the Sculpture Pieces to increase its unique stats.

– Sculpture Pieces can be increased to at max Lv.30.

– You can preview the increased stat amount when trying to level up your Sculpture Piece.

– You will consume Sculpture Pieces and Gold to level up Sculpture Pieces.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 27

☾ You can also ‘Enchant’ Sculpture Pieces to increase their unique stats.

– Sculpture Pieces can be enchanted to at max 10 grades.

– You will consume Sculpture Pieces of the same grade and Gold to enchant Sculpture Pieces.

– Depending on the enchant level, the required number of Sculpture Pieces and Sculpture Enchant Protectant will increase.

– If you fail to enchant, the enchant level will fall and you lose the materials used for the enchant attempt. However, using the Sculpture Enchant Protectant will retain the enchant level of the Sculpture Piece.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 28

☾ You can use Fusion to get new Sculpture Pieces or higher-grade Sculpture Pieces.

– You will consume 5 Sculpture Pieces of the same grade and gold when performing Fusion.

– You may obtain the same Sculpture Piece of the same grade after performing Fusion.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 29

🛈 The Sculpture Pieces placed into the slots will be excluded from being materials to use for Level Up, Enchant, and Fusion


Monsters can be tamed using Feed and made into companions that assist in combat. Pets can also grow through combat experience, and they have various skills by each type that help with the progression of the game. ‘Mercenaries’ and ‘Buddies’ obtained through Shop purchases and events, etc can also be managed in the Pet screen.

01. What are Pets? 

☾ Field monsters can be tamed and made into companions by using Pet Feed items and ‘Taming’.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 30

🛈 The ‘Archer’ job is specialized for battling alongside pets.

02. Pet Taming 

☾ ‘Pet Feed’ can be purchased from a Pet Supply Merchant. Make sure you have reached Lv.45 first in order to purchase or sell items from Pet Supply Merchants like Lydia. 

Use feed suited to a monster’s palate for a chance to tame them as a pet. The chances of taming a monster is influenced by the character’s Charisma.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 31
Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 32

Use Pet Feed and select the desired monster to tame them as a pet.

🛈 The selected feed must suit the monster’s palate. You can view a monster’s palate in the Codex

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 33

The chances of successfully taming a pet is affected by the character’s Charisma stats.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 34

03. Using Pets 

☾ Go to ‘Pets’ in the menu to manage and summon pets.

If a pet is currently summoned, the pet’s level and HP is shown on the screen.

Go to ‘Name’ to give pets a unique name or change a pet’s name.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 35

If a pet’s summoning is canceled or they become unable to fight in the middle of combat, they can be summoned again after a period of time. To summon them without having to wait for a period of time, a ‘Subjugation Scroll’ item is needed.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 36

You can use ‘Release’ to return pets back into the wild. Keep in mind that pets cannot be summoned again once released.

04. Pet Growth 

☾ Battle alongside your pet to obtain XP and increase the pet’s own level. Use Blue Star Tablets for even quicker pet growth.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 37

‘Archer’ characters can learn various skills for battling alongside pets, allowing for more cooperative combat with their pets than other jobs.

05. Mercenaries and Buddies

☾ In addition to common monsters that are tamed and obtained as pets, ‘Mercenaries’ and ‘Buddies’ obtained through Shop purchases and events can also be managed in the Pet screen.

You can purchase and hire Mercenaries from the Shop, and they will aid in battle for a certain period of time when summoned. Mercenaries are able to use the skills of human-type characters, and do not grow beyond the level they were purchased at.

🛈 You cannot contract a mercenary with a level gap of 20 or more. You can contract multiple mercenaries at once, but only 1 mercenary can be summoned at a time.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 38
Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 39

Buddy Contracts can be purchased from the Shop, and they can be tamed by using contracts. Buddies do not participate in battle, but can assist you in picking up items. Some Buddies can also grant specific buffs (ex. Increases XP gained from defeated enemies).

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 40

You can spend Buddy Feed purchased from the Shop to use a Buddy’s Errand function. The General Storage Box can be accessed when using the Errand function, and items can be stored or retrieved from there.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 41
Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 42

🛈 Pets, Mercenaries, and Buddies can be summoned at the same time. Try forging ahead together on tougher adventures.


Dungeons containing powerful monsters that unlock at specific times. Cooperate with multiple adventurers to hunt for monsters and obtain special rewards

01. Raid Participation Conditions 

☾ Upon reaching character Lv. 40, you will proceed with a tutorial and the Raid menu will be unlocked.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 43

02. Raid Monster Emergence Time 

☾ It is identical for each raid, and they will appear in 3-hour intervals.                           

09:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 / 18:00 / 21:00 / 24:00 (your server’s local time)

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 44

03. Entry 

☾ Click the system notification icon, or click [Menu] – [Raid] to enter the desired raid. Entry is open from 5 minutes prior to the monster’s emergence time. Entry is closed once the monster appears, so it’s important to enter in time!

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 45
Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 46

04. Raid Monster Hunting

☾ Hunting takes place for approximately 20 minutes after the monster appears.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 47

Even if you die in the middle of a Raid Monster Hunt, you can come back to life at a nearby Revival point or Revive in Place to rejoin.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 48

If you click the Exit Dungeon button, you will be returned to the field, and will not be able to re-enter, so keep note!

If you are inactive for a certain period of time during battle, you will be automatically returned to the field.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Complete 49

05. Raid End

After raid monsters are defeated, you can view your ranking and your raid rewards. – The ranking at the end of the raid is determined by damage.

Obtained Kingdom Tokens can be exchanged from the Serraborg Castle Kingdom Token Exchange Operator NPC.

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