Marketplace Update Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, Blade and Soul Revolution will update content ‘Marketplace’ on 6/11. Marketplace will make you gain more money by selling items to another players. Check the explanation below.

The eagerly awaited Marketplace will finally open with the 6/11 update.

Before the update arrives, let’s take a sneak peek at the Marketplace, where you can conveniently register and trade items!

Q. When can you start using the Marketplace?

A. You can trade items with your fellow users once you complete Act 3: Imprisoned Flower.  The Marketplace can be accessed anytime, anywhere you want.

Q. Can you trade any kind of items? 

A. You can only register items that have a blue crystal mark displayed on the bottom left of the item in the Marketplace.

[Tradeable items]   

[Untradeable items] 

※ If the item doesn’t have a crystal mark displayed on the bottom left of the item, it cannot be registered in the Marketplace.

[Unregistrable Items (Do not meet the Marketplace Requirements)]

※ If the item doesn’t have a blue crystal mark displayed on the bottom left of the item or if you have  enhanced it,  it cannot be registered for trade in the Marketplace.

※ Once the item meets the requirments to be registered for the Marketplace, the crystal displayed on the bottom left of the item changes from red to blue.

You can search for the items that you want to purchase by category or by their name.
You can also see a list of items for sale by tapping the Sales List button.

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