Maintenance Ragnarok Origin NA December 21st

Hello friends today Ragnarok Origin NA Maintenance, you can rest for a while from grinding and levelling. What change from this maintenance? Check the information below.

Maintenance Ragnarok Origin NA December 21st 1

Greetings Midgardians!

We will be going offline for maintenance this Tuesday, December 21st at 21:00 to 12/22 01:00 PST!

We have provided patch notes for you in preparation!

New Content:

Job: Monk

-Requirement: Acolyte at Base level 40 and Job level 40.
-As an alternative to becoming a Priest, the Acolyte can instead visit Saint Capilina Monastery to become a Monk, who doles out justice using physical power.
-The Monk can deal massive burst damage to a single target. To master the Monk, one must first learn to manage Spirit Spheres, which are used with attacks. With a unique combo system, the Monk has access to the most powerful single target damage skill, Guillotine Fist.
-In addition to dealing high damage, the Monk can also take damage for teammates, while still supporting them with buffs. As the mainstay of a team, the Monk always stands in front with fists clenched to protect those they cherish. If you choose to be a Monk, prepare for a fight!

Level 80 Content

-Level 80 gear unlocked
-New level 80 Story, Adventure, and Encounter quests
-Equipment modification system unlocked (Level 80 or above equipment can be modified)

Story Dungeon: Shackles of Chaos

Chapter 8 of Sage’s Memory: Shackles of Chaos. Available for characters base level 80 or above who have completed the prerequisite dungeon.

Map: Labyrinth Forest 2F and 3F, Undersea Tunnel 4F

-Labyrinth Forest 2F (Level 77~96 monsters)
-Labyrinth Forest 3F (Level 90~97 monsters)
-Undersea Tunnel 4F (Level 90~97 monsters)

Monsters and Cards

-Baphomet Jr. & Baphomet Jr. Card
-Sropho & Sropho Card
-Pot Dofle & Pot Dofle Card
-Squidgitte & Squidgitte Card
-Deviace & Deviace Card
-Sasquatch & Sasquatch Card
-Leib Olmai & Leib Olmai Card
-Creamy Fear & Creamy Fear Card
-Furious Poporing & Furious Poporing Card
-Killer Mantis & Killer Mantis Card
-Swift Mantis & Swift Mantis Card

Event: Recruitment

-Duration: 2021/12/22 5:00:00 ~ 2022/01/22 5:00:00

-Requirement: Base level 25 or above for the recruiter (active player) ; Base level 55 and above for the returning player

-Content: Establish a recruitment relationship with a returning player and earn Recruitment Coins by completing quests. Recruitment Coins can be used to redeem rewards in the Recruitment Shop. There is a limited mount in the Recruitment Shop waiting for you!


-Optimize the event interface.
-New activity system. Complete the daily events to get the -corresponding rewards.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed an issue causing 4 duplicate MVPs in the MVP list.
-Fixed an issue causing level 80 set bonus not showing in Book of Gears.
-Fixed an issue causing the skill damage of Throw Spirit Sphere in –PVP not related to the skill level.
-Fixed an issue causing an unfinishable quest in Roll the Dice.
-Fixed an issue causing automatic pathfinding not working for quest [Pet Detective] and [Heart of the Loyal]
-Fixed an issue causing Battlefield to not show up in Party finder
-Fixed an issue causing the buff icon for Malang Crab Claw to not display when refined to +15
-Fixed an issue causing some Portrait Frames to not show details

Christmas Limited-Time Events:

  1. [Snow Plain Treasure Hunt]

-Duration: 2021/12/22 5:00:00 ~ 2022/01/05 4:59:59

-Content: Collect magic snow piles in Lutie Plain to receive rewards. You can claim normal rewards up to 4 times a day and special rewards up to 2 times a day.

-Available for:All players

  1. [Monster’s Snowflake Festival]

-Duration: 2021/12/22 5:00:00 ~ 2022/01/05 4:59:59

-Content: During the event, you can receive extra rewards by killing normal monsters in the wild.

-Available for:All players

  1. [War of Snow Plain]

-Duration: 2021/12/22 5:00:00 ~ 2022/01/05 4:59:59 (Everyday at 11:00~13:00, 16:00~18:00, 22:00~24:00)

-Content: During the event, you can receive points and rewards by participating in snowball fights. Can participate up to 3 times a day.

-Available for:All players

  1. [Build a Snow Poring ]

-Duration: 2021/12/22 5:00:00 ~ 2022/01/05 4:59:59

-Content: During the event, all players on the server can build a snow Poring together! Unlock special rewards by completing the server progress bar!

-Available for:All players

  1. [Christmas Encounter Quests]: 4 new Christmas limited-time encounter quests

-Duration: 2021/12/22 5:00:00 ~ 2022/01/05 5:00:00

-Content: Like the previous years, Santa Claus from Lutie is riding his beloved reindeer to deliver gifts made from the Toy Factory. However, there is a little trouble this year. Please head to Lutie Plains to help him! The generous Santa Claus has prepared many gifts for everyone!

-Heart of the Toy: reach Base lvl 40 to accept the quest
-Snowflake Festival Q&A: reach Base lvl 35 to accept the quest
-The Lost Acorn: reach Base lvl 35 to accept the quest
-The Forgotten Children: reach Base lvl 40 to accept the quest
-Available for: All players


Nyan Berry Harvest

-Nyan Berry Harvest mechanism has been adjusted to: Nyan Berry Harvest is available on every Monday 05:00:00 ~ 23:59:59. The first purchase of Nyan Berry during that period can receive a 25% rebate.

-Unlock Requirements: Server level reaches 55 and character Base level is 11 or above

Christmas Surprise Gift Packs

Christmas surprise gift packs will be available for a limited time from 12/24 to 12/27.

-Christmas Grand Gift Pack

Duration: 2021/12/24 05:00:00 ~ 2021/12/27 04:59:59

-Christmas Surprise Gift Box

Duration: The first login during 2021/12/24 05:00:00 ~ 2021/12/27 04:59:59 will trigger this gift box

Christmas Limited Costume

-Christmas Limited Costume-Merry Christmas Set, Christmas Limited Mount-Christmas Hammock, and more Christmas exclusive appearance will be available through [Wishing Gacha]

-Duration: 2021/12/22 05:00:00~ 2022/01/05 04:59:59

Holiday Gift Pack

Starting from 2021/12/22 05:00:00, [Holiday Gift Pack] will be available for purchase, the purchase limit resets on every Wednesday 5AM. Go ahead and pick your favorite items!

Thats all information for Ragnarok Origin NA Maintenance December, 21st 2021. Please Subscribe my page and channel for FREE!