Magic Doll Guide Lineage W

Basic overview of Magic Doll

You can enter Magic Doll System via main menu at top right-hand corner, you can find information related with the magic doll within magic doll system.

Magic Doll Guide Lineage W 1
Magic Doll Guide Lineage W 2
1Magic Doll System ListDisplays 4 available system categories available inside Magic Doll tab.
2Magic Doll Rank FilterThis is a tab to filter Magic Doll List according to their ranks.
3Magic Doll ListYou can view the list of Magic Dolls in selected rank. The Magic Dolls you own will be displayed in color and those you don’t own yet will be displayed in black&white.
4Magic Doll InformationDisplays information of the selected magic doll.Each Magic Doll has different stats. The higher the rank of a Magic Doll, the better stats it has.
5Favorites/Compare/CodexCan set a magic doll as your favorite.If you have a summoned Magic Doll, you can compare the stats with the Magic Doll selected from the list.Tap to connect to Magic Doll Codex, where you can view the Magic Doll Codex relevant to the selected card.
6Magic Doll Outer AppearanceYou can view the outer appearance of selected magic doll.

Combining Magic Dolls

You can also obtain Magic Doll Cards through combination. Combination is done by selecting 4 cards of the same rank.

When attempting combination, there is a chance for you to obtain a card with higher rank.

Magic Doll Guide Lineage W 3
1List of Magic Dolls available for combinationDisplays the list of duplicate cards you currently own.
2List of selected cards for combinationDisplays the list of 4 cards selected to attempt combination.To proceed with combination, 4 cards of the same rank must be selected.
3Remove/CombineYou can remove 4 chosen cards from the list or proceed with combination.

Magic Doll Codex

When you collect a certain group of Magic Doll Cards, you gain Codex Effects, when it is applied, stats of all characters in your account will be increased permanently.

Magic Doll Guide Lineage W 4
1Codex ContentsName of the codex and applies stats are displayed.
2Completed/IncompleteThis tab filters completed/incomplete list of codex.
3Stats FilterThis filter is used to select the list of stats increased by completing codex.
4Codex Cards ListDisplays required cards to complete the selected codex.
5Browse CodexWhen name of a Doll Card is entered, you can view the list of codex which includes that card.

Magic Circuits – Core

Magic circuits are an assortment of convenient contents which become available through your Magic Dolls.

Other than features provided by default, you can equip core items to unlock various convenient features.Magic Doll Guide Lineage W 5

1Magic Doll Core: AntidoteWhen equipped, Magic Doll will automatically use antidotes.
2Magic Doll Core: Health PotionWhen equipped, Magic Doll will automatically use Rare/Finest Health Potions.
3Magic Doll Core: WhetstoneWhen equipped, Magic Doll will automatically use Whetstones.

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