Howlex Guide and Strategy 7DS

Hello friends, in this guide we want to share Howlex Guide and Strategy Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross.

Howlex Guide and Strategy 7DS 1

Today’s topic will be on how to go about Demonic Beast Howlex . You’ll earn Demonic Beast Howlex’s Ears , which is a Limit Break material you’ll need to get your Heroes to Lv.75!

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Demonic Beast Howlex Strategy Guide

Demonic Beast Howlex’s Special Traits

  • Demonic Beast Howlex is an HP Attribute character, meaning it’s weak to Strength Attribute characters , but strong against Speed ​​Attributes.
  • It is unaffected by Debuffs such as [Stun, Petrify, Freeze, Skill Cancelation Effects, and Stat Reductions]. Basically, CC Skills will be ineffective .
    *However, other Debuffs will still apply, for example, Ignite.
  • It grows stronger as it is hit, so you’ll definitely want to use a small number of powerful attacks.
  • Brands: One, Random Hero will be the Marked with Brand ares, and will be on isFocused The until said Hero falls.
    *Howlex removes Debuffs from itself when using the Brand skill, meaning you must consider the timing of your “Ignite” Debuff.
Howlex Guide and Strategy 7DS 2
  • Howlex will continue to attack the Branded Hero until they fall in battle.

Main Tips Howlex Demonic Beast

1. Use The Goat Sin of Lust Holy Knight Gowther’s “Invasion Arrow”

-Use a Rank 2 “Invasion Arrow” while having a Rank 1 “Invasion Arrow” in your hand. That Rank 1 “Invasion Arrow” now becomes Rank 2 as well. Use this one, and the rest of your Skill Cards will be Rank 3 .

Howlex Guide and Strategy 7DS 3
  • We recommend using this order: Rank Up (Rank 2)> Rank Up (Rank 1)> Buff Skill> Attack Skill.

2. Use The Dragon Sin of Wrath Demon Meliodas’ “Ignite” Debuff and “Weak Point” Effect

-Ultimate Move “Hell Buster”: Using this on Debuffed enemies is great since the “Weak Point” effect increases damage dealt to Debuffed enemies threefold .

-“Hellfire”: “Ignite” increases the target’s received damage. Stack “Ignite” and use the Ultimate Move for some serious damage .

Howlex Guide and Strategy 7DS 4
  • Be sure to apply the Debuffs before using the Ultimate Move.

3. Main Attack Order

  • -Use unnecessary and Recovery Skills until you can get a hold of Gowther’s Rank 2 “Invasion Arrow.”
  • -Use the “Rank Up” Skill combo to get Rank 3 Skills.
  • -Stack the “Ignite” Debuff and use Attack Skills.

Howlex Recommended Heroes 

Howlex Guide and Strategy 7DS 5

Howlex Recommended Teams

1.Incorporate members who can buff or support for a smoother battle. 

Howlex Guide and Strategy 7DS 6

*Can swap The Boar Sin of Gluttony Great Mage Merlin for [Liones] Princess Elizabeth.

*Can swap [Chivalrous] Holy Knight Gilthunder for [Forest Guardian] Fairy Helbram or [Camelot’s Sword] New King Arthur.

2. Incorporate members who can buff or heal for a greater chance at surviving. 

Howlex Guide and Strategy 7DS 7

*Can swap [Camelot’s Sword] New King Arthur for [Forest Guardian] Fairy Helbram or [Chivalrous] Holy Knight Gilthunder.

3. Stack [Chivalrous] Holy Knight Gilthunder and [Forest Guardian] Fairy Helbram’s Buffs for optimal strength. 

Howlex Guide and Strategy 7DS 8

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