How To Login, Escape Stuck Ragnarok Origin ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, as you know today Ragnarok Origin Korea open beta. There alot of people want play, so will have problem login to the server.

Below are some guide how to login and how to escape stuck while you playing Ragnarok Origin.

How to login Ragnarok Origin

How to login ragnarok origin

You cam login into the game with three account to save you game progress.

  1. Google Account
  2. Facebook Account
  3. Apple Account

If you login with guest account, your game progress cant be save, so dont login with guest account if want to save your game progress.

How to login ragnarok origin 3

When trying to login you will get rejected by the server because the server flooded with player trying to login into the game. Just try login until you login.

After login you can choose the server, Prontera, Geffen, Morroc, Payon, and more server will be up becuase the enthusiastic from peoples.

But dont spam with rapid tap to loginz becuase you will get banned five minutes restriction from login into the game.

Make character appereance to your liking, only hair style, hair color, face style, eye color.

If you wondering, where you must put name character? You can input the name character after you login into the game, and do the first quest.

How to escape stuck character

How to escape stuck character ragnarok origin

In the game we got a problem with character stuck on the field and on the quest map. You can escape from stuck with button in the option button.

Ragnarok Origin still in the early open beta phase, so there will be more bugs in the game. We hope the developer cant solve the problem immediately.

Thats all friends, some guide from us. Hope you enjoy read it. Thank you.

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