How To Download Ragnarok Origin KR

Hello friends, you must visit this post to know how to download Ragnarok Origin KR server right? Follow the step below!

how to download ragnarok origin

Ragnarok Origin July 7 Grand Open!

[Game Introduction]
Finally Ragnarok down Ragnarok!
Complete authenticity that properly implements the advantages of online and more on mobile!

Follow these steps to get Ragnarok Origin up and running:

  • 1. Download QooApp
  • 2. Download SoloVPN or any fastest Korea VPN
  • 3. Open QooApp -> search “Ragnarok Origin” -> download then install it.
  • 4. Open SoloVPN -> set location to South Korea.
  • 5. Launch Ragnarok Origin. Start patching it up.

If have problem with the install and patch process, view this video:

APK: || OBB:

Game Description

★ Advance reservation is in progress on the official website! ★ If
you make a reservation in advance on the official website, we will reward you with plenty of rewards during the official launch.
(Mask following Nyan Ling / 10,000 paradise coins / 3 potion boxes)

◈ Exciting battle action ◈
-Hundreds of weapons strengthen the hitting motion!
-Improved hitting feeling beyond the original hitting feeling! -Quick
response action, no problem, sensuous operation feeling

◈ Mercenary system for Solpple ◈
-You, be my colleague! Find Origin’s unique mercenaries!
-Hire mercenaries from various professions and enjoy hunting as much as a party!

◈ Origin’s unique feminine content ◈
-Selfie, facial expressions, stickers, etc., all of selfies are incorporated into the game!
-Become the best fashionista and become the main cover model of the magazine!
-Decorate your own personalized avatar in the costume fitting room!

◈ Quality Game Art ◈
-Improved, game art beyond the original quality!
-High quality graphics beyond the original sensibility!
-The best succession that evolved like Ragnarok!

◈ Pleasant community ◈
-Ragnarok immediately enjoys the community.
-Various community life where you can meet special relationships!
-Special community content to build friendships with guild members!

◈ Massive degrees of freedom ◈
-High degree of freedom and various free viewpoints of 2.5D / 3D!
-Free midgard continent adventure with life content!
-Various weather changes that change with reality!

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