How To Chat On Ragnarok Origin Guide ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, in the world of Ragnarok Origin you can chat with not only NPCs but also other adventurers. You can chat with all the adventurers around you.

You can also open a separate chat room and chat only with the adventurers you want.

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Talking with a another adventurer

Through the chat window in the lower center you can to everyone in the world Ragnarok Origin.

You can chat with adventurers around you.

However, world chat is unlocked when base level 20 is achieved.

Stamina is consumed every time you type in a chat

Chat room

If not know what to do after grinding or do quest, you can start a discussion with another adventurer.

In that case, you can open a chat room and chat!

Create a chat room after opening the chat window on the screen.

You can proceed by clicking the chat room opening icon on the left.

Once you have set the chat room name, number of people, and password

You can click Create to complete the chat room creation!

However, if you open a chat room please note that you cannot move the character~

Other adventurers tap the chat room speech bubble on the character who created the chat room.

You can enter the chat room.

You can exit the chat room by pressing End Chat, or disband the chat room by pressing Dismiss.

When you click End Chat, the moderator is transferred to another adventurer.

You can reset the chat room name, number of people, and password through settings.

Tap the profile of the adventurer participating in the conversation

You can kick off by clicking the icon in the upper left corner,

You can also check the adventurer’s detailed information.

For reference, the mini chat window above the speech bubble

Chat window setting

You can enter the settings through the settings icon in the chat window.

You can configure channel settings and simple chat settings.

In the channel display section of the main screen you can uncheck unwanted channels

In the chat window at the bottom of the screen, you can only display chats for a specific channel.

You can also turn on/off the simple chat function.

Likewise, if you uncheck it, the corresponding simple chat will not be displayed.

We’ll talk about simple chat in the next guide!

Thank you for reading our Ragnarok Origin Guide. How to Chat On Ragnarok Origin.