Hongmoon Adventure Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution guide about Hongmoon adventure for new players. There are various adventures that have been split into steps to help you adjust to all the content the game has to offer.
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Hongmoon Adventure

1) Tap [Quick Menu] → [Hongmoon Adventure]. 

Hongmoon Adventure Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 1

 2) Adventure is composed of 4 acts. Tap the arrow button to see each Act. 

Hongmoon Adventure Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 2

 3) Check the number of missions, available completions, and rewards from the window. 

Hongmoon Adventure Guide Blade and Soul Revolution 3

How to go on Hongmoon Adventures

1) Hongmoon Adventure Mission Format
 ① Act 1. Viridian Coast 

OrderMissionCountReward Type# of Rewards
Step 1Defeat Normal Monsters50Silver Pouch1
Step 2Use Recovery Items40Accessory Enhancement Stone6
Step 3Successfully
Enhance Equipment
4Weapon Enhancement Stone4
Step 4Accept Conquest Mission1Elixir of Attack5
Step 5Character Level25Ilwoo Ring1
Step 6Craft Healing Tonic5Silverfrost Soul Shield Chest1
Step 7Ascend Soul Shield8Greater Essence of Skills1
Step 8Complete Daily Mission6Greater Essence of Passivity1
Step 9Salvage Equipment5Silver Pouch8
Step 10Defeat Gubong1Woodland Bracelet1

 ② Act 2. Cinderlands

OrderMissionCountReward Type# of Rewards
Step 1Reforge Equipment5Fixed Forgestone4
Step 2Obtain Item After Defeating Monsters30+50 Maximum Weight Ticket (Permanent)1
Step 3Craft Accessory1Premium Metal5
Step 4Complete Daily Mission8Silver Chest3
Step 5Character Level65Headgear Design: [Pink Piglet]1
Step 6Process Normal Soulstones2Soulstone Chest3
Step 7Complete Conquest Mission4Tomb of the Exiles Soul Shield 1 1
Step 8Enter Dungeon2Weapon Enhancement Stone15
Step 9Successfully enhance equipment to +81Radiant Accessory Enhancement Stone1
Step 10Defeat Infernal Lord1Superior Weapon Chest (Attack)1

③ Act 3. Moonwater Plains

OrderMissionCountReward Type# of Rewards
Step 1Defeat Normal Monsters200Greater Essence of Passivity4
Step 2Complete a Dungeon4Radiant Weapon Enhancement Stone1
Step 3Defeat Unique Monsters30+100 Maximum
Weight Ticket (Permanent)
Step 4Craft Outfit1Heroic Fabric4
Step 5Character Level115Headgear Design: [High Fidelity]1
Step 6Ascend Soul Shield30Forgotten Temple Soul Shield 1 1
Step 7Enter the Faction War2Faction Orb5
Step 8Complete Conquest Mission10Premium Metal25
Step 9Complete Daily Mission32Large Silver Chest5
Step 10Defeat the
Scorpion Queen
1Premium Superior
Weapon Chest (Defense)

④ Act 4. Silverfrost Mountains

OrderMissionCountReward Type# of Rewards
Step 1Reforge Equipment40Fixed Forgestone35
Step 2Defeat Normal Monsters400Greater Potion of Growth6
Step 3Successfully enhance equipment to +101Radiant Accessory Enhancement Stone6
Step 4Defeat Unique Monsters50Special Metal4
Step 5Character Level165Headgear Design:
 [Feline Frisky Headband]
Step 6Complete a Dungeon20Radiant Weapon Enhancement Stone4
Step 7Enter the Faction War2Premium Faction Orb5
Step 8Defeat Boss Monster30Large Silver Chest10
Step 9Complete a Raid2Heaven’s Mandate Soul Shield 1 1
Step 10Defeat Dark Emissary1Slaughter Earrings1

2) How to Progress with Missions

 ① Hongmoon Adventures are completed in sequential Act order, but missions within Acts are counted regardless of their order.

 ② However, any Act 2 missions cleared while Act 1 is in progress won’t be counted.

 ③ Mission Rewards may only be claimed in order. If you complete missions ahead of your current progress, you can’t claim their rewards.

 ④ All rewards in an Act must be claimed to move onto the next Act.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.