Homunculus Guide Ragnarok Origin ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, if you want to know how to use Homunculus for alchemist job then read the guide below.

A new job appeared through this update.

Tada~ This is Alchemist!

In this guide, we would like to introduce you to Alchemist’s unique homunculus acquisition and skills.

Shall we find out together?

▣ Homunculus Summon

Homunculus contract gives you an opportunity to contract with the Homunculus by clearing the quest given after Alchemist’s job change.

If you purchase Embrio from the item shop after signing a contract, you can summon Homunculus through the Call Homunculus skill.

There is a separate button in the skill control column as shown on the screen,

You can summon any Homunculus of your choice by clicking the button from among the five minions.

▣ Homunculus features

Homunculus is an artificial creature, not a pet. All these minions have their own personalities and traits.

Each pet will be a companion for adventurers with unique skills and unique charms.

The homunculus that will support your side has distinct characteristics of position, attributes, and skills.

So, if adventurers are looking for a pet you want in a battle situation, be sure to check their attributes and skills.

While there is a homunculus in charge of close-range attacks,

Tanks, healers, ranged attacks, etc. Each have different roles and characteristics, so please be sure to refer!

▣ How to use Homunculus

When you change your job at Alchemist, a new interface is added as follows.

If you click the purple button, the Homunculus related interface will be expanded around the purple button.

You can summon Homunculus, attack and defense settings, etc. through these buttons!

If you click the Homunculus panel, you can operate the screen as follows.

All Homunculus needs experience to grow with vehicles and mercenaries.

It can be grown through the Homunculus reagent, which can be purchased at the item shop.

However, it cannot grow beyond the adventurers’ base level.

Adventurer’s level growth is also essential for growth!

As mentioned earlier, Homunculus also has skills.

In the case of skills, skill points per level 1 are given when the corresponding Homunculus reaches level 40 or higher,

Homunculus can also use skills if you invest skill points.

Homunculus to support the adventurer! 

Are you not very excited?

When signing a contract with Homunculus, please pour out a lot of affection and interest.

Thank you.

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