Hell Death Match 7DS Guide

Hell Death Match can be challenging, but offers valuable rewards such as Costume Enhance materials.

As such, we’ve written up a simple guide in hopes that it will help you clear this new and tough difficulty setting.

Again, these are basic tips and strategies and there are other viable teams! Do some experimenting and see what works for you!

■ Hell Difficulty Death Match Guide

-You can only bring heroes with the advantageous attribute to the fights.

Ex) Red Demon is a Strength attribute so you can only bring Speed ​​attribute heroes.

-Remember that this is cooperative content so use your Stamps to communicate with your partner.

Ex) Let your partner know that you have a Rank 2 Invasion Arrow so they know to wait and let you use that skill first.

-We cannot overstate how challenging this difficulty is. We recommend eating an attack increase dish for a better chance at clearing it.

-It’s advised to fully upgrade your heroes (max level, max Awakening, Engraved Equipment, and max Ultimate Move).

[Red Demon]

☞ Tips

-Use Stamps to indicate that the last attack will be a CC skill such as Petrify or Stun so that you can prevent the enemy from taking action!

-When the boss takes a Stance, it will be hard to deal significant damage against it. Cancel its Stance or Petrify it to get rid of it!

-If you want to use Petrify, The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy King with at least 11,000 attack should fare well.

■ Recommended Heroes 

☞ Team Examples 

[Gray Demon]

☞ Tips

-It’s important to stack attack increase and attack-related stats increase buffs and deal tons of damage in one blow if you want to clear it faster!

-The Gray Demon has a strong attack and if your heroes aren’t fully upgraded, Valenti and Princess Elizabeth are good heroes to have to increase your survivability. If you don’t have Valenti, try using Ruin as your sub!

-Having [Forest Guardian] King the Fairy King as your main damage dealer is a good idea. Use an Onslaught/Congeniality Equipment set to up his critical damage, and you can help keep him alive with Valenti and Princess Elizabeth. As with the Red Demon, an attack of at least 11,000 would be helpful.

■ Recommended Heroes 

☞ Team Examples 

[Demonic Beast Howlex]

☞ Tips

-It would be quite beneficial if both you and your ally have The Goat Sin of Lust Holy Knight Gowther due to his Invasion Arrow ability. 

*Use a Rank 2 Invasion Arrow to rank up any following Invasion Arrows and every other skill will become Rank 3!

*Use Stamps to communicate that you have a Rank 2 ready or not.

-We recommend having heroes with strong single-target damage. Continue to use skill rank ups to constantly deal tons of damage!

-It ‘s recommended to have your damage dealers have at least 12,000 attack to better your chances at defeating Howlex.

■ Recommended Heroes 

☞ Team Examples 

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