Hell Death Match 7DS Guide

Hell Death Match 7DS Guide

Death Matches are an important part of the game that requires cooperation with other Knights. We’ve written down some tips and advice to share with you when it comes to etiquette for these battles.

■ Death Match Etiquette

1.Please try to quickly arrange your equipment after entering the lobby.

-Having the right equipment is important, but being able to swap quickly is also beneficial because it saves time for everyone involved!

2.Please try to have your team complement your partner’s team.

-Having a strong team is important, but we recommend taking other Knights’ teams into consideration as well.

-Check out the strategies and heroes we recommend in our official strategies.

[Go to the Red Demon Strategy]

-Keep in mind that you’re able to chat in the Death Match prep screen so you can strategize with your partner.

3.Please communicate during battle with the stamps.

-You’ll be able to coordinate attacks or CC skill usage with your partner while the battle is in progress.

Ex) It’s important to confirm with your partner whether or not to use or save a CC skill for the last attack against the Red Demon.

-If you have The Goat Sin of Lust Holy Knight Gowther’s Invasion Arrow at Rank 2, you may able to synergize to get everyone’s skills to Rank 3.Let your partner know if you have a Rank 2 Invasion Arrow.

Ex) Use a Rank 2 Invasion Arrow followed by a Rank 1 Invasion Arrow (which would consequently become Rank 2 as well) and everyone’s skills will be at Rank 3. 

Hell Death Match 7DS Guide 1

*Rank 2 Invasion Arrow also applies to your partner’s heroes’ skills. Use it as soon as you have it available.

4.Please play on a lower difficulty if you have a low Combat Class.

– You’ll Limit Break The Get 2 Materials (the Red Demon’s Horn, Gray Demon’s Wing, or Demonic Beast Howlex’s Ear) the AS ares Repel across and Reward Trade shows All difficulties.

-Keep in mind that you may find it easier and more convenient to clear the lower difficulties with a partner’s AI.

5. Please play manually rather than on Auto.

-Unless you’re playing with an AI partner, you’ll clear battles faster by turning off Auto mode and playing manually to better cooperate with your fellow Knight.

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