Harlequin Unique’s skill? It Turns Out This.

Hello friends, are you still confuse about Harlequin King the Fairy King’s Unique’s skill? Read the explanation below.

Harlequin Unique’s skill? It Turns Out This. 1

We’ve seen many players talk about the most recent hero’s Unique. We would like to inform you that we are in the midst of preparing various improvements and updates in order to provide a better and more enjoyable gaming experience in [The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross].

Among those improvements, we plan to edit descriptions of some Hero’s Uniques that can be somewhat confusing or misinterpreted in different ways. Please keep in mind that the actual function of the Uniques themselves will not change, and that we are simply rewording the descriptions for better understanding.

[Harlequin] King the Fairy King’s Unique’s description will be edited to “Reduces all enemies’ current Pierce Rate by half in PVP.” in a future update.

*The final translation is subject to change in case it is deemed that it requires more clarity.

*The Korean/Japanese version of the game also proceeded with the same kind of description changes to 52 heroes’ Uniques, including [Harlequin] King the Fairy King, on 5/28. The global version will undergo a similar update for the heroes that have been released so far. We will be sure to notify you of said changes in a separate notice beforehand.

Thank you.