Dungeon Boss Gubong Blade and Soul Revolution Tips

Hello friends, thi is some tips to fight Dungeon Boss Gubong Blade and Soul Revolution.

Gubong is one of Jinsoyun’s followers, aiding her in battle with his mighty axe. Unlike Jinsoyun’s other followers, he is of very few words, choosing to beat down his enemies through sheer size and force.

He is a boss that can be defeated as a daily quest in the Blackram South fleet Dungeon

Dungeon Boss Gubong Blade and Soul Revolution Tips 1

Gubong Blackram South fleet Dungeon Tips

You can easily defeat him if you follow this guide from ombopak:

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Dungeon Boss Gubong Blade and Soul Revolution Tips 2

If you never play MMORPG before, when you fight Gubong dont stay inside the red zone. Because the red zone is Gubong line of attack, when you stay inside of the red zone you will get damaged and when you move from the red zone you will not get damaged.

Watch the video below for better understanding.


NPC History

Gubong hails from Clear Sky Village during the height of the Stratus Empire. He was a talented and powerful warrior, the pride of his village, who eventually went on to join the Stratus Army. His garnered the respect of his soldiers with his might and rose to the rank of Lieutenant General.

He served as one of General Yunma Kahn’s most trusted officials and fought alongside Royal Bodyguard Dochun. When Ebondrake Assassins attempted to take Empress Namsolyn’s infant child, Sup Soyoo, he assisted Dochun and Yunma Kahn in driving off the attackers.

Despite being a respectable man, he rose too quickly in rank and power. He also made friends with the wrong people who eventually had him executed for treason. Even so, the Clear Sky villagers erected a statue of him at the front of the village in his honor.

Muyong had his Will entrusted to a fellow soldier named Chulu, who had hidden it away within the statue. When Colonel Yonkai took over Clear Sky Village, he tore the statue down and it lay in pieces.

Some time later, Jinsoyun revived the fallen soldier with Dark Chi to do her bidding. Having forgotten who he once was, he became a cruel, merciless man, killing any enemies that lay in Jinsoyun’s path.

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