Great! Harlequin King the Fairy King 7DSGC

Hello friends, finally Harlequin King the Fairy King released. Check the skill below.

[New Hero] [Harlequin] King the Fairy King

Both of [Harlequin] King the Fairy King’s skills and his Ultimate Move targets all enemies! He can also lower enemies’ Pierce Rate with his Unique!

■ [The King of Fairies] Pick Up Event

☞ Event Period: After the 6/30 maintenance – Until 7/14 (To be announced in a separate notice)

☞ Hero Rate Up: [Harlequin] King the Fairy King

*New Heroes will be added to the Coin Shop or draw banners in the future.

■ Hero Details

[Ultimate Move: Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Fourth Form: “Sunflower”]

[Combined Attack: Cross Shooting]

*This chart displays the Basic Stats at UR Lv.60 and does not include Costume stats.

*[Harlequin] King the Fairy King’s Unique decreases the final Pierce Rate value by half.


*The values for “Pierce Rate at Start of Battle” were randomly chosen for this example.

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