Gray Demon Guide and Strategy 7DS

Hello friends, read this Gray Demon guide and strategy to win easily.

We’d like to share The Gray Demon Strategy for getting Limit Break materials for Lv. 70.

Gray Demon Guide

Gray Demon’s Main Strength

  • Gray Demon is a Speed attribute, so it’s weak against HP attribute Heroes and strong against Strength attribute Heroes.
  • Gray Demon has [Debuff Immunity] and [Dissolve Immunity] so it’s recommended to quickly overwhelm it with strong firepower.
  • Gray Demon either flies or stays on the ground depending on the difficulty.
  •  Flight Mode: While flying, melee attacks won’t touch Gray Demon, but it’s still vulnerable to ranged attacks.
  • Flight Pattern:
  • Melee attacks are useless when Gray Demon is in Flight Mode!

Gray Demon Main Strategy

  • If you don’t have [Forest Guardian] King the Fairy King, try these Heroes! 
  • [The Seven Deadly Sins] Captain Meliodas: He has the HP attribute and his strong ranged attack skill [Enchant: Hell Blaze] will come in handy when Gray Demon is in flight.
  • The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy King: While he may not deal strong damage, his ranged attack skill will come in handy, and Rank 2 [Pollen Garden] will heal.
  • Since it’s important to defeat this demon quickly, your main strategy should be to get rid of unnecessary cards, collect those you need in the early phases, buff your Heroes, and then use your damage-dealing cards!
  • It’s the perfect time to deal your attacks when the flight gauge runs out and Gray Demon is stunned!

Gray Demon Recommended Heroes

How to Acquire the Recommended Heroes: 

Grey Demon Recommended Decks

[Team A]

 [Team B]

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